Goddess of Awakening

  • Temple: High Priestesses
  • Element: Water

Goddess Yemaya controls the ocean, the amniotic fluid that nurtures us before we know ourselves.

The healing, loving energy of this Yoruba mother orisha (deity) never leaves you.

Yemaya’s Guidance

Wake up! Awaken now to your true self. Are those tears of joy or sorrow?

Let them out. Yemaya swallows your tears.


You are vibrating at a higher frequency so you see everything differently. This is goddess rising! You are waking up. And once you have experienced awakening, you can never go back to not knowing.

The path of awakening is not straight, comfortable, or easy. You have chosen to lift the veil and have a real relationship with the Divine. You didn’t come to transcend this world while you’re living in it. You came here to dig into the soil, plant yourself, and grow. This ascension is your divine purpose

Goddess Declaration

“I am receiving and radiating love.”

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Card Meanings

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