Goddess Books and Cards by Abiola Abrams

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Inspiration, Motivation & Transformation for Your Soul

You are a goddess. So why are you still playing small, doubting your worth, and betraying yourself?

African Goddess Initiation: 

Sacred  Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity, & Joy

AFRICAN GODDESS INITIATION is an awakening into the mysteries of the feminine divine. Welcome to your goddess circle. 

African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

A sacred feminine initiation journey of self-love, soul care, and self-care rituals, tools, and exercises inspired and gifted by the goddesses of the African diaspora.

It is time to activate African goddess magic to transmute your fears and limiting beliefs, so that you can create more happiness, abundance, and self-acceptance. 

Each chapter is a sanctuary where you will meet ancient goddesses and feminine energy ancestors, legendary queens, and mystical spirits.  As you complete their powerful rituals, from altars to masks, you align with your divine frequency. This is goddess rising.  
There is no one African spiritual tradition. Africa is a continent of 54+ countries and her children are global. Our ancestors who were trafficked in "The New World" hid the secrets of our orishas, abosom, lwas, álúsí, and god/desses behind saints, angels, and legendary characters. From South Africa to Egypt, Brazil to Haiti, Guyana to Louisiana, goddess wisdom still empowers us. 

African Goddess Rising Oracle

Card  Deck

44 oracle cards to connect with ancient African goddesses for guidance, insight and empowerment

African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards Box Cover

Have you ever wanted to tap into ancestral goddess wisdom and ignite your own goddess power? Now you can! Imagine timeless sacred sages waiting to help you step into your greatness. The divine feminine mystics in this deck represent the nine inner temples you must face to awaken and embody goddess energy within.

The African Goddess Rising Oracle deck will support you as a tool for divination, healing, enlightenment, and personal development. When the goddesses in this deck showed up for you, they brought their enchanted friends! This goddess deck includes revered deities, matriarchal spirits, supernatural creatures, and regal ancestors, reflecting the multidimensional nature of traditional African spirituality. They each have celestial gifts of knowledge for you. Should you accept their gifts, life will never be the same.

Enter Your Goddess Temple:

Meditation Program

Are you ready for a journey of personal initiation, empowerment, and self-love?

Enter Your Goddess Temple

 Join intuitive self-love coach and spiritual teacher Abiola Abrams on a journey to awaken the goddess within and make your own inner world a sacred feminine sanctuary.

In this unique audio program, Abiola offers you teachings on your seven inner temples and specific goddesses associated with each temple. These goddesses, which can be found in the spiritual traditions of the African diaspora, invite you into their divine presence so that you can manifest their qualities right here, right now.

To fully embody the qualities of these goddesses, Abiola guides you on transformational meditational journeys to invoke, abide in, and manifest the qualities of each goddess. 

The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love:

11 Secrets of Feminine Power

It’s Time to Step into Your Greatness. If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it.

Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love is your wake-up call to stop being just a survivor. You deserve to thrive. Consider this a vision quest to the center of yourself.

Even with the advances of the past 40 years, women report feeling unhappier than ever before. Abiola calls this feeling a Dry Life Crisis, having faced her own challenges from a failed marriage to disordered eating. Trying to numb with food and work, Abiola realized that she was really hungry for her true self and her own divine feminine energy. This healing revelation allowed her to release 55 unhealthy pounds and claim her calling although her work as a spiritual teacher started with her acclaimed theater show “Goddess City” over 10 years earlier.

This empowerment playbook is for the woman who has everything going for her except what she really wants. Bershan Shaw, life coach and Oprah Winfrey Network star, writes the Foreword. The Invocation blessing is given by Donna D’Cruz, meditation guru and Deepak Chopra collaborator.


Fertility Goddess Affirmation Cards

You are fertile with big dreams and big ideas that only YOU came to birth.

Oracle Card Reading - Womanifesting Goddess Affirmation Cards

These Womanifesting! Fertility Goddess Oracle and Affirmation Cards are specially designed to support you in giving birth to your miracles. 

Whether you are birthing your life, an actual baby or divine new venture, you can do it! 

You are doing it.

You are worthy and deserving.

You are enough.

African Goddess Affirmation Cards

Feminine power archetype cards featuring self-love lessons and positive affirmations...

African Goddess Affirmation Cards

African Goddess Affirmation and Oracle Cards are a timeless motivational tool. Oshun, Yemaya and Isis are goddesses of the African diaspora. You know Venus, Aphrodite and Athena. Now it’s time to tap into the gifts of Afrocentric female deities. Artistic representations of beautiful contemporary women with natural afro hair and shades of brown skin represent goddesses of love, abundance and beauty.

If you enjoy personal development, self-help books, affirmation cards or tarot cards, then these are for you. Use for intuitive guidance, daily empowerment goals, oracle readings, divination discovery or self-coaching.

"I am enough." "I am worth loving." "Life loves me."

Sacred Bombshell 

Self-Love Journaling Cards

A self-care tool with healing journal prompts and transformational assignments...

Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journal Cards

"The Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Journaling Cards" are a self-care, self-love and self-acceptance tool with healing journal prompts and transformational assignments to help you get unstuck and fall more deeply in love with yourself.

These cards were designed to help you get unstuck and in sacred alignment.

The self-love journaling cards were painted and designed by artist Janus Argones-Zate.


A (Self) Love Story

Simon and Schuster/Pocket Books

dare self-help love story abiola abrams

Meet Maya Hope. Double-dipped in cocoa with brick-house curves, she's a lover of jazz, a political poet, and a sociologist. Her best friend and roommate, Athena Jackson, is her opposite in every way -- a petite ex-cheerleader who's always blaring rap, grinding out rhymes, and ready to take the next man home.

When Maya is forced to pinch-hit in an audition and bust Athena's rhymes, she finds herself on an undercover escapade in the wild world of hip-hop as the raw, sexy, roughneck Jezebel.

After striking a deal with her own personal devil, Maya sets off on the tempting roller-coaster ride of a lifetime -- finding music, more fun than she's ever had, and even a man or two...but not without consequences.

Brimming with electric sensuality, Dare is an unforgettable, envelope-pushing odyssey of two gutsy women playing by their own rules.

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