Goddess of Fearless Love


  • Temple: Lovers
  • Element: Water

Goddess Oshun is the exalted orisha (deity) of honeysweet waters, love, sensuality, fertility, and beauty. But the Yoruba Lady of Gold’s anger and jealousy can also flood and destroy.

Oshun’s Guidance

Dare to love. Begin with loving yourself. Allow yourself to be loved. You feel everything deeply. You are porous with a wall around your heart. This is your paradox


You are love. And you are worth loving. Your divine assignment is to remain open to fearless love. You deserve to be loved in your language. You are worthy of a love that remembers your beauty at your ugliest moments. Don’t allow your unhealed past to block your future.

Real love is a sacred contract that says, “I am vulnerable and committed. Your heart is safe with me. Let’s expand our consciousness together.”

Goddess Declaration

“I give love. I receive love. I am love.”

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Card Meanings

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