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"If you’re thinking about doing a retreat or even just working with Abiola on your business or any other adventures with her, don’t think about it, just stop thinking, go do it. You won’t regret it."


"If you’re ready to stop making excuses."

"When I started coaching with Abiola, I was dissatisfied with my body and the direction of my life in general. I was in a rut that I didn't know how to get out of. Through my coaching session with Abiola I was able to figure out the steps necessary to live the type of life I've always wanted. These days, I'm down 40 pounds, working a job that I like, and producing the type of art I can be proud of. If you're ready to stop making excuses and to start making changes, I highly suggest working with Abiola."

“Abiola’s essence can be summed up in four words: beautiful, goddess, positive and energy. She is not only beautiful inside and out, she has an amazing positive upbeat energy. She has the natural ability and magnetism to make each and every woman feel absolutely amazing and confident enough to draw out her own Bombshell Diva.”

"Abiola will help you create the business that you’re looking for!"

“Through intense homework, discussion, probing questions that forced me to dig deeper, think harder and touch on uncomfortable spots in my own blind spots when it came to how I felt about myself as a business woman. I’ve been able now to see the prospects and the vision of my blog. She’ll be able to help you create the business that you’re looking for. Abiola listens, she refocuses and re-frames. And she gives you the tough love with always a smile when you need to rethink and reconsider. Abiola has given me such hope and such belief in myself as a business woman that I highly, highly recommend working with her if you want to really see changes in yourself.”

“Abiola has a beautiful, uplifting energy, and the ability to help many people with the work she does.”


"So Miss Abiola challenged me to make $10,000 in three weeks. I’m going to go look up when my hot seat was because for the first time ever just signed an $11,000 client. Whaat the fuck? I’m so worthy and deserving and I so love this woman. She’s amazing. I am so excited and I’m coming here to celebrate because Abiola you are fucking magic. I knew it but now I really know it. I’ve never made that much. I mean I had to raise my prices. I have been spring cleaning on raising my prices. I have been doing all these things like looking into the shame, looking into the charge on why I don’t want to raise my prices, all this stuff. Thank you, Abiola!"


"Everything you need to start, grow, run, and improve your business!"

"Before I started with working with Abiola I was signing up for every freebie there was about how to grow my business all the while having a lot of fear around actually growing my business. The Spiritpreneur Warrior Business Sisterhood has everything you need (seriously...everything you need) to start, grow, run, and improve your business in a way that is in alignment with your heart and soul. In addition to aligned business know how, Goddess Abiola is tuned into the energy of the group and the Universe and provides the mindset and heartset support that you need at all of the right times."

"An impactful journey in helping, guiding & coaching countless women."

"Abiola Abrams puts her heart and soul into her passionate mission to empower women. Her varied and multiple skills include major business savvy, TV & social media presentation, along with a depth of wisdom, soul and magnetic presence that is here to make a profound difference. This is reflected in her impactful journey in helping, guiding & coaching countless women. I consider myself very blessed to be working with her."

“What can I say about the amazing Abiola Abrams?!I have learned so much while working with her! Abiola has provided me with the tools to look within in order to run a successful business. The tools that she provided are all heart-centered given with a firm approach. Her Spiritpreneur advice and savvy is easy to follow and understand.”

"Abiola Abrams laser coached the group as the keynote speaker. This empowermwnt coach had people crying and thinking me for allowing Abiola to open their hearts. Her gift is heaven-sent, and I thank her for being a of my annual Women’s Empowerment event. I am thankful, blessed, and happy that she has made it that much more of a success."

“Abiola Abrams took our campus by storm with an in-depth program on how you can motivate and develop your inner “me” and learn how to make transformation happen for yourself. If you need some healing, some motivation, some direction on personal life issues, then working with Abiola is for you!


"When you want to manifest something that is your calling, the right tools and the right knowledge..."

"Before the program, I felt like I was just tip toeing around everything. When I saw the Spiritpreneur Program, I jumped at it. I had to join. I would say now that I’m very confident in who I am and sharing my story, the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s been definitely a transformation and I’m a lot more comfortable showing up and being authentic and not really caring about who doesn’t like it. This is a beautiful process and I have taken some giant steps forward. "


"If you get the opportunity to work with this woman, take it!"

"Working with Abiola has literally saved my life. This woman is beautiful and generous and thoughtful and healing. If you are feeling overwhelmed about your direction and where to go next, get a coach! Get this coach. If you get the opportunity to work with this woman, take it! When I first called her, she didn’t know that I was in tears. Working with Abiola has made every difference for me."

"I tried other coaching and business programs and never got anywhere. The Spiritpreneur program rocks."

“Abiola’s non-judgmental approach allows her to sincerely listen and give empowering and insightful feedback. She speaks to the Queen that we each have inside of us. Abiola is someone I am very blessed to know and work with.”

“My whole business is different because of this woman. I am grateful for our sisterhood. Every coaching session and every ounce of motivation and encouragement over the years has had an impact in so many ways!”