Shadow of Scarcity

  • Temple: Shadows
  • Element: Air

Beauty by day and hag by night, the Soucouyant is an energy vampire, also known throughout the diaspora as Ole Higue and Boo Hag. Whether energy or blood, for vampires there is never enough to go around.

Soucouyant's Shadow Guidance

You have so much more than you realize. You have access to unlimited joy, love, good times, pleasures,and prosperity. Be grateful for your riches.


Stop going to the ocean and asking for a thimble-full of water. It doesn’t feel like it when you’re desperate, but scarcity and lack are an illusion. Prosperity is believing that there is an overflow, more than enough love, happiness, well-being, and money to go around.

 Vampires take from others because they don’t have enough life force for themselves. That is scarcity consciousness. When you embody lack, you are always hungry, tired, and jealous.

Make a gratitude list. What are you grateful for right now?

Goddess Declaration

“My blessings always overflow.”

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