Shadow of Self-Sabotage

  • Temple: Shadows
  • Element: Bush

Shadow “monster” Mamlambo is the brain-sucking, snakelike, water-dwelling, Zulu goddess of rivers.

Mamlambo's Shadow Guidance

You are holding yourself apart from your blessings. What ancient pain are you trying to stuff down, numb, ignore, or avoid? What does your self-sabotage help you to avoid?


Your inner saboteur is clever. Seductive patterns of behavior block your path and your power. Distractions, addictions, cravings, and unhealthy habits will not bring you your best.

Your inner bully is the voice telling you you messed up, the part of you that is jealous, the anger you don’t know what to do with, your stuck inner procrastinator, and your toxic relationship choices.

Step terrorizing yourself with broken promises of discipline. Instead, choose devotion to your chosen pathways. What inspired action can you take today?

Goddess Declaration

“I have compassion for myself.”

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