Goddess of Grief

  • Temple: Lovers
  • Element: Bush

Ancient earth mother Ala is the foremost Igbo álúsí (deity). Goddess Ala oversees motherhood, fertility, and the afterlife. After death, humans return to the womb of Ala, replanted in the soul to reincarnate.

Ala’s Guidance

Give Spirit your grief. Bawl it out, wail it out, cry it out. Sob, shriek, shed tears. Surrender it.


You are holding unprocessed grief. You want to skip over it and get back to “normal,” but grief doesn’t go away because you ignore it. The only way to healing is to walk through it.

Losing a loved one is the ultimate heartbreak. But you also experience grief after breakups, job loss, and disappointments.

Self-love and self-care are required. Ask for support. Be gentle with yourself.

Goddess Declaration

“I am supported by my loved ones, those who are seen, and those who are unseen.”

Card Meanings

Temple 1: Threshold Guardians

Temple 2: Ancestors

Temple 3: Conjurers

Temple 4: Warriors

13. Oya
14. Atete
15. Sekhmet
16. Asase Yaa
17. Sitira

Temple 6: Lovers

Temple 7: Griots

Temple 9: High Priestesses