Quee n Nandi

Goddess of Intuition

  • Temple: Queens
  • Element: Fire

Queen Nandi was the mother of warrior king Shaka Zulu. His father’s royal family first rejected her. They said that she wasn’t pregnant and her belly resulted from an iShaka beetle sting. But Nandi knew her son would be great before he was born.

Queen Nandi’s Guidance

You already know. Take a deep breath and surrender to what you know to be true. Trust your inner wisdom and guidance.


What is your guidance telling you? Put your hands over your third eye (center of your forehead) and ask, “If I knew what the answer is, what would it be?” Then follow your first instinct.

The Creator and your ancestors connect with you through your intuition. Trust your internal GPS.

The nudges, signs, and coincidences are divine guidance.

Slow down. Go for a walking meditation. Be present with nature and pay attention.

Being present allows you to feel, hear, see, and sense your guidance.

Goddess Declaration

“I am knowing.

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