Secrets of the

Ancestors Oracle

Tap into sacred ancestral wisdom with this powerful 45-card oracle deck designed to help you connect with the spirits of your ancestors, the Divine, and the harmonies of the universe.

Our ancestors have much to teach us about ourselves and our place in the universe. They can intercede with the Divine on our behalf and also act as our guardians, guides, and ascended masters. The Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle brings ancestral veneration—a key spiritual tenet of so many global cultures—into the modern zeitgeist, connecting us with the spirits of our family before us.

Featuring five suits (Ancestors, Archetypes, Rituals, Plants and Herbs, and Symbols), this oracle deck is the perfect spiritual tool for those looking to deepen their spirituality and tap into sacred wisdom of the past.

Creatrix & Author: Abiola Abrams
Artist: Destiney Powell

Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle Deck of Cards

A 45-Card Deck and Guidebook for Connecting to Your Family Lineage, Exploring Modern Ancestral Veneration, and Revealing Divine Guidance Cards

How Ancestors Communicate

From the Secrets of the Ancestors Guidebook:

Your ancestors not only can intercede with the Divine on your behalf, but they are your spirit guides and ascended masters. They understand your needs as they were once alive as well. Your ancestors already are communicating with you through dreams, nudges, signs, numerical patterns, coincidences and your intuition. If you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient and so on, you already are aware of direct contact. Ancestors will use any means to communicate with you. Your mission is to listen.

Divination was gifted to us by our ancestors as a communication system and healing tool. You can use the gift of oracle reading to receive guidance and messages of healing and empowerment from your ancestors as well as get to know your family tree better. Using this deck opens a portal for connection between you and those who came before.

Oracles help create a personal lifemap of where you are, and where you will be if you continue on your present course. This oracle deck will not only allow you to receive ancestral guidance, but it will allow you to see your own thoughts, feelings, wellbeing and inspired action in deeper ways. Oracles can help you know yourself better by showing you where you may be blocked and bringing your shadow to light. We all have blind spots. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

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Let's Dive Deep...

Which ancestors are showing up for you today?


Emotional Self-Care

Ancestral Principles: In the Flow, Compassionate, Empathic

Element: Water

Declaration: I am filled with the power of love.

Sacred Inheritance: All of the work you have done on yourself is paying off -- with the energy of love and peace. Listen to your inner voice. Trust the intuitive guidance coming your way. Your powers have never steered you wrong. You have only neglected to trust them. Believe who people show themselves to be. Believe what your third eye shows you to be the truth...

Continued in the Secrets of the Ancestors Guidebook


Wheel of Change

Ancestral Principles: New Cycles, Luck, Destiny

Element: Asé

Declaration: I’m a winner, baby!

Sacred Inheritance: If you didn’t already receive the good news, it’s on its way. It is safe to celebrate.  Things are about to get really good. You deserve it. Don't question the joy. Do not wait for the other shoe to drop. There is a season for everything and this is yours. Don’t miss this moment. Rejoice, beautiful. This is your moment...

Continued in the Secrets of the Ancestors Guidebook


Choose Freedom

Ancestral Principles: Passion, Rebellious Energy, Charisma

Element: Fire

Declaration: I am on fire; I make it happen.

Sacred Inheritance: Look at you, riding in on your own white horse. You are a leader. Your vision is clear, your passion is fired up and we are full steam ahead. Your enthusiasm and confidence are magnetic. In matters of love, you may not be able to distinguish love from lust - and you may not care! This energy is irresistible. In matters of career, your lust for life is propelling you forward... 

Continued in the Secrets of the Ancestors Guidebook

The Tarot Connection: Most of the ancestor archetypes in this deck have a standard playing card and a tarot correspondence. However, tarot knowledge is not required in any way to use this deck. I'm just including this information for those who wish to use this knowledge to deepen their ancestral oracle practice. I was initially a bit surprised that my ancestors chose tarot to communicate this Oracle deck to you, but tarot has become a universal archetypal language.

How to Honor Your Ancestors

From the Guidebook:

Honor your ancestors before considering asking them for help. There are many ways for you to venerate them.

Speak their names, visit them graveside, set up an ancestral altar and/or shrine, pour libations, give them an offering like ancestor money, write a praise poem, tell their stories, set their place at the table on special occasions, tap into their wisdom with divination, connect through nature, communicate directly, heal their lineage by healing yourself, dream visitation, make a family tree, forgive them, learn their spirit language and read the signs, use envisioning and channeling and awaken your own asé.


Greetings Beautiful Beloved One,

The Ancestors are well pleased. You are heir to a fortune. They have called -- and you answered. You are the sacred heir to the queendom of the Divine. In the form of these cards, your ancestors have come forward for the possibility of a deeper relationship with you. Your sacred inheritance is their wisdom and guidance.

Your ancestors prayed for this moment, this time. You carry their celebrations and their tears in your veins. Your ancestors laughed, drummed, wept, ate good yams and drank palm wine and mead. Your ancestors made love and fought. They were silly and serious. Beautiful and unlovely. Wealthy and poor. You carry generational wisdoms and traumas. Ancestral curses and blessings.

You are a library of your ancestors. We are all made of stardust. Exalt in the grounded joys of your ancestors of earth. Breathe the thoughts of your ancestors of air. Dance with the grace of your ancestors of fire. Hear the cries of your ancestors of water. Connect with the ancient wisdom within you.

Your ancestors gathered around the bonfire and at the river’s mouth to honor their ancestors; ancestors of the blood, ancestors of community, ancestors of the land. They also had reverence for their plant spirit and the animal spirit ancestors.

Your Spirit chose your family group - and they chose you for this moment. Yes! They have a purpose -- for you. You were born to bring a different energy. You have been given the sacred assignment of breaking curses of the lineage.

Repeat this: It ran in the family until it ran into me. And this is where it runs out.

You have walked with some of your ancestral spirit guides through many lifetimes. You were made with the legacy of love.

My intimate connection with my ancestors began with my maternal grandmother, whose name was Eve for short. She died on Thanksgiving when I was in college. Since then I have connected with other ancestors at different times and for different reasons. At first I felt closer with loved ones who I knew when they were living, and then as my spiritual work deepened, I came to know ancient ancestors. Now it is even clear which of my ancestors has incarnated with my daughter. They bear the same birthmark.

The Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle Deck will help you crack familial codes and help you go deeper than you ever have. This self-discovery oracle system is timeless. Each card represents an archetypal ancestral force that is with you. For some, each card will always represent the same ancestor. For others or at times, each card may represent a different ancestor. Often the cards will present specific guidance and not necessarily an ancestral form. Use your intuition to know which possibility is being offered to you.

Ancestor work is honoring your ancestors and it is also walking in your purpose. Getting to know my ancestors has not only been transformative for me. It has brought my personal purpose into focus, and the work continues.

Happy journeying, future ancestor!


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A 45-Card Deck and Guidebook for Connecting to Your Family Lineage, Exploring Modern Ancestral Veneration, and Revealing Divine Guidance Cards

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"From the moment that I received the sacred assignment to birth this deck, these magical folks would not leave me alone. I come from generations of intuitives and healers, so divine channeling is not new to me. But these oracle keepers were persistent! They "dreamed me," pursued me, and guided me through this co-creation."

Although African spirituality is vast, most practices share foundational beliefs including: ancestral veneration, reverence for elders and community, respecting natural phenomenon, and the power to transmute obstacles. This deck is faithful to our sacred truths and secrets passed down through oral tradition.

This deck will support you as a tool for divination, healing, awakening, and personal development.

Rise up. It is your time.


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ABIOLA ABRAMS is an intuitive self-worth coach and an award-winning author who empowers people to find freedom from their personal fears, manifest authentic power, and align with purpose. She is the author of African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy and the best-selling African Goddess Rising Oracle deck. 

Destiney Powell

Nashville based artist DESTINEY POWELL creates vibrant paintings showcasing the beauty and diversity of African American culture. She was also the artist of Abiola's AFRICAN GODDESS RISING ORACLE deck and book, AFRICAN GODDESS INITIATION.

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A 45-Card Deck and Guidebook for Connecting to Your Family Lineage, Exploring Modern Ancestral Veneration, and Revealing Divine Guidance Cards

Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle Deck by Abiola Abrams

Blessing Your New Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle Deck

1. Dedication: Prepare your ancestral altar for your own ancestral bonding ceremony. You may choose to pour libations and give an offering.

2.Cleansing: Clear your deck’s energy with prayer, intention, smoke cleansing, sound or New Moon purifying energy.

3. Invocation: Hold the deck to your heart. Repeat three times: “O Great Ancestor! Your existence made way for my existence. And I thank you.” Thank your ancestral guides and ask them for clear messages and support.

4. Shuffle the deck. Put the cards in 3 piles then 1 pile.

5. Select one to represent your guiding ancestor. You may not be immediately clear on why you pulled a certain card or who it represents. That is okay.

6. Go through the deck and meet your Ancestral Spirit Guides. Read each ancestors title and the principle or guidance they offer out loud.

7. Allow the cards to absorb your energy. Keep them on your ancestral altar or sleep with them on or under your bed.

8. You may use any parts of this ritual when you do future readings. 

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A 45-Card Deck and Guidebook for Connecting to Your Family Lineage, Exploring Modern Ancestral Veneration, and Revealing Divine Guidance Cards