Queen Mother Nanny

Goddess of Liberation

  • Temple: Queens
  • Element: Fire

Queen Mother Nanny of the Maroons was a spiritual leader, military strategist, and revolutionary. This Ashanti healer was brought to Jamaica in chains and escaped to lead rebellions. Nanny helped to free over 800 enslaved people.

Queen Mother Nanny’s Guidance

Break free. Your dreams hold the power and keys to your liberation. You are freedom herself. Rise up.


You deserve to feel free. What do you imagine for yourself? Daring to manifest your dreams is a part of personal liberation.

Find your own personal liberation codes in your soul’s unspoken desires. Life is too short to live within someone else’s story. Divine blessings and magic are on your side. Enjoying your freedom fully is the best gift to your ancestors.

Goddess Declaration

“My dreams empower me.”

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