Shadow of Rage

  • Temple: Shadows
  • Element: Fire

Medusa is feared as an ugly, vicious, monster bitch.
The truth? This Libyan Berber dark goddess of wisdom’s rage is sacred, epic, and fully justified.

Medusa’s Shadow Guidance

You are pissed off and petrified, angry and shaking. But underneath that you are hurt and heartbroken. Feeling undervalued is overwhelming. You can’t stay silent anymore. Let your joys, hopes, and beauty rage on.


Take a breath. Close your eyes, and put both hands over your lower abdomen. Tune into the part of you that feels out of control. Flood it with loving, healing golden light. Now put both hands over your heart and do the same. You have a right to your full range of emotions—including anger.

Sacred rage inspires us to run for office, lead protests, and shift policies. But unhealthy rage can devour your very soul.

Get clear on what is really happening. Allow yourself to feel your feelings to see the truth. Just because you feel threatened does not mean you are being threatened.

Goddess Declaration

“I have a right to feel my feelings.”

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