Goddess of Harvest

  • Temple: High Priestesses
  • Element: Water

a-Bol is a Baga fertility goddess and Nimba is her living spiritual healing mask. Together, they embody the sacred feminine and abundance.

a-Bol-Nimba’s Guidance

Give thanks! You are being blessed. It is harvest time! Pray attention. A season of great harvest is a season of great epiphanies. You are prospering.


Harvest is when you reap the blessings that you have sown. The harvest is not just the fulfillment of your dreams, but the creation of them. Your thoughts, your imagination, the blessing of you being here another day on this earth—that is all harvest.

What seeds of generosity, love, support, and goodwill can you sow in your community to create a bountiful harvest for all?

Goddess Declaration

“We are always prospering.”

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