Erzulie Dantor

Goddess of Etheric Cords

  • Temple: Lovers
  • Element: Fire

Erzulie Dantor fought elbow to elbow with her people during the Haitian Revolution to protect mothers and children. She represents the healing of the dark mother

Erzulie Dantor’s Guidance

If it isn’t wholehearted love, release it. Remember your worth.


The energy cords binding you and someone you no longer wish to be attached to are strong. You must be willing to let go.

Close your eyes. See divine swords of God/dess’s loving light separating you and dissolving the cords between you. You are both whole and healed.

Just as you shower to cleanse physical grime, there is also grime in the form of energy cords. Also called karmic ribbons, emotional cords, or etheric cords, spiritual maintenance is required.

Goddess Declaration

“I am worthy, compassionate, and whole.”

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