Marie Laveau

Goddess of Good Juju
New Orleans

  • Temple: Ancestors
  • Element: Fire

Great Ancestress Marie Laveau was a larger-than-life New Orleans voodooienne. A successful Spiritpreneur, the famous “Voodoo Queen” first built a thriving business as a hairstylist.

Marie Laveau’s Guidance

Great luck is yours now. You have been granted the greatest inheritance. Embrace your divine abundance. You have good juju.


This is a time of increase for you. You are heiress to a rich heritage of divine prosperity. Accept your ancestral inheritance. Good juju is abundance. Luck is being supported by the Universe. Abundance is the god/dess way. Just as you want abundance for those who come after you, your Creator embraces wealth for you, too.

Goddess Declaration

“All I do is win.”

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