Long Bubby Suzi

Shadow of Shame

  • Temple: Shadows
  • Element: Fire

Long Bubby Suzi keeps the children of Belize terrified. Viewed as a Shadow “monster,” she has the power to kill or to nurture with her long, “scary” breasts that contain milk and poison. This beautiful Afro-Indigenous spirit may be a distortion of the Arawak/Taino moon goddess, Atabey

Long Bubby Suzi’s Shadow Guidance

You are beautiful—and loved. Every part of you and your journey is beautiful. Even the ugliest moments. You have a heart, soul, and breath. That makes you beautiful.


You are secretly scared that you are not enough. Shame is lying to you. You are not broken, unlovable, ugly, or unworthy. Shame keeps you small and hiding. Accept yourself now. You are a bright light. Allow yourself to see who you really are. You are doing the very best you can. You are lovable. And you are complete.

Goddess Declaration

“I am protected.”

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