Mami Wata

Goddess of Emotional

  • Temple: Griots
  • Element: Water

Mami Wata and her sisters live in the Ikpoba River in Benin City, Nigeria, but the ancient mermaid goddess is her own global pantheon. Mami Wata influences emotions and gifts her followers with clairvoyance and healing powers.

Mami Wata’s Guidance

Hide no more. The emotional nakedness you avoid is your superpower, not your shame.


Being emotionally naked means being vulnerable enough for the real you to shine through. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.

Practice being transparent. Start with the people closest to you. Say, “I haven’t been showing the whole me. But I am starting today.” Have the courage to feel and express your feelings without people pleasing.

Speak your truth. Share your story. Cultivate an appreciation for vulnerability in others. Become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and making others uncomfortable.

Goddess Declaration

“I have the courage to be vulnerable.”

Card Meanings

Temple 1: Threshold Guardians

Temple 2: Ancestors

Temple 3: Conjurers

Temple 4: Warriors

13. Oya
14. Atete
15. Sekhmet
16. Asase Yaa
17. Sitira

Temple 6: Lovers

Temple 7: Griots

Temple 9: High Priestesses