Mame Coumba Bang

Goddess of Speaking Up

  • Temple: Griots
  • Element: Water

Mame Coumba Bang protects the mouth of the Senegal River. When making an offering to her, you must not speak to anyone else, coming or going. Sing for her, chant for her, call to her—give Goddess Coumba your voice and she’ll be happy

Mame Coumba Bang’s Guidance

Speak up. Speak out. Speak on it. You have a right to be heard.


You are betraying yourself by not speaking up. Your words have power. Own your voice. As the old saying goes, stand up for something or fall for anything. Being neutral is not an option. When you stand firmly in your truth you have thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and convictions.

What do you stand for? Tell someone today

Goddess Declaration

“I reclaim my voice. I speak out and speak up.”

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