The Goddess Unmasked Retreat & Liberation Summer Camp at Omega



Cancelled Due to Coronavirus- 

A Transformational Retreat & Liberation Summer Camp
at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in NY

If you have been waiting for a sign, THIS IS IT.

You are only one YES away...

Sunday, June 14th to Friday, June 19th 2020

Abiola Abrams - New York Retreat Leader

"Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise."
~Maya Angelou


First of all, you are magnificent.

But your best thinking got you to where you are today. This is true for all of us.

That's not a bad thing, but no one taught us this stuff during our formative years.

We are all doing the best we can -- and sometimes we know the steps or have done years or self-help and personal development, but are still blocked.

Why? We haven't dissolved our self-worth blocks and happiness ceiling that had us blocked to begin with.
Goddess rising is an energy that can no longer be contained. We are awakening to our sacred power, and it has been a long time coming.


Hey Goddess!

You hear that whisper?
That is the sound of the goddess rising.

I'm Abiola~

I help Big Vision Women stop playing small and step into your power.

You claim you've tried everything...


*Have you been playing smaller than your full greatness?
*Is the biggest thing holding you back YOU?
*Do you feel like you are STARVING for your true self?

Come change your life at summer camp with me.

We are shifting our collective energy at the Omega Institute in the Rhinebeck, NY countryside, 60 minutes away from the fab hustle and bustle of Manhattan. 

Omega is a high vibe creation space where some of your favorite teachers and mentors have taught. 

Past Omega seminars and retreats have been led by luminaries including:  Queen Afua, Iyanla Vanzant, Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodron, Gabrielle Bernstein, Brian Weiss, Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem, Deepak Chopra and  Jane Fonda. 

Where else would we go to manifest our 2020 magic?

OMEGA and I chose each other because it is time for us all to uplevel and upgrade our lives.

Some of us have been playing small for so long that we believe that we are small. That shrunken self is not you. That shrunken self is a character you created to fit in.

You are pure power: fearfully and wonderfully made.

Do you have the courage to heed your own call?

>>> PRESS PLAY <<<

Video: About the Goddess Unmasked Retreat & Liberation Summer Camp


Where are we going to change our lives in 2020?



This is finally your time!

You've survived because the fire within you burns brighter than the fire around you.

What Can You Expect on this Goddess Journey?

Goddess Retreat 2020 at Omega in NY

“I found God in myself and I loved her fiercely.” ~Ntozake Shange


The focus of this retreat is coming into alignment with your true power. 

You are not too old and it is not too late.

This is your time. 

Do you feel like you’re trying to squeeze who you were born to be in boxes that don’t fit? Far too many of us are missing in action in our own lives. We know how to make things look great on the outside but inside, we are suffering… greatly. The issue? Playing smaller than we know we can be and hiding in our own lives. 

If you feel like your own life is marching forward without you, this is your moment to reclaim your your power. The Sacred Goddess Unmasking Process addresses the primal fears that hold us back. Our personality is at its core who we had to become to survive our childhoods. And now that inner child who didn’t get what she needed is showing up in our relationships, boardrooms and every aspect of our lives. The good news is that as long as we have breath, we have the opportunity to begin again. 

Goddess Unmasked Retreat at Omega Institute

On Sunday, we come into alignment with a high vibe Goddess Alignment Party. As a tribe, this is the portal to our divine journey. Be ready to release all that you believe you know to be true. Assume that every being you encounter on this adventure has a divine message for you.

Then, on Monday we will begin the week with the sacred unmasking. Poet Paul Laurence Dunbar once said, “We wear the mask that grins and lies.”

What mask have you been wearing for yourself and to make everyone else feel comfortable? Do you dare to explore how you may have been performing yourself rather than just being you?

On Tuesday, the third day, we will examine the specific ways that you are playing small in your life. Where are you shrinking and hiding? How do you refuse to take up space? What is your self-sabotage of choice that you use to contain your greatness? People pleasing? Perfectionism? Busyness? Excuses? Let’s unpack it.

Goddess New York Retreat at Omega
Goddess Unmasked Retreat

Day four, Wednesday, begins our delve into our primal fears and the stories we created to support them. Any experience we have had in the past -- good, bad, or indifferent -- then becomes the story we have created about it. We call these stories memories. On this day of our journey, we look at primal fears related to our tribes. Your tribe can be your family of origin, your social friends, your cultural, religious  or ethnic group, your socio-economic group, etc. Every tribe has unspoken rules for accepted behavior. Are your wants and needs in sync with your tribe? Or do you fear betraying them with your personal evolution? 

On Thursday, the fifth day, we continue to dismantle our primal fears. We now examine enoughness, our fears that we have unlovable, broken or inadequate. How do you keep yourself from showing up fully because of your fear of not being enough? What is the payoff you have been receiving in return for hiding you?

Let us cast all that is no longer needed into the bonfire and walk free.

On Friday, the final day of our journey, you step more fully into your power.

You are the goddess unmasked. It is time to create a new story for who we are and how we will show up in the world and in our very lives. 

Spiritual Business Manifesting

Are you willing to dream a bigger dream for yourself? 

Let’s begin your path to your true personal greatness. 

Let’s go back to nature -- in the magical week leading up to summer solstice 2020 -- and make shift happen!


goddess of paris retreat

Photo: Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat


Is this immersive deep dive for you?

The shining photos of the BEAUTIFUL goddesses here are from some of my past juicy Goddess Womanifesting Retreat adventures in Bali, Belize, and Chantilly, France

After each magical goddess retreat is SOLD OUT, I get so many messages expressing REGRET over being too SCARED to take the leap. 

Those woulda-coulda-shoulda messages and fear-based excuses break my heart every single time!!

Will that be YOU? 

Or will YOU RISE to the journey?

Discover your truth and claim your power as you dissolve the masks preventing you from standing in your greatness -- consistently. 

This high vibe retreat is for YOU if:

  • You need a COMPLETE CHANGE.
  • "I'm not ready yet" or "I'll do it NEXT year" is a constant excuse for you.
  • You miss opportunities that could take you to the next level.
  • Is it hard for you to make decisions and commitments.
  • You get nervous when life is working out.
  • Your biggest blocks are your own beliefs.
  • You are a solution-maker for everyone else except yourself.
  • Whenever opportunities like this retreat come along, you are filled with excuses about why you can't do it.


Feeling an ABUNDANCE of miracles, love, joy, laughs, passion, pleasure and riches IS...

This high vibe retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You want to stay stuck in your comfort zone.
  • You want to just keep going from self-help book, podcast, course to self-help book, podcast, course without evolving.
  • You want to stay "just not ready yet." You are not hungry for more.
retreat chatilly france

Photo: Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat

Meditation Yoga Retreat Bali Healing Festival - Abiola Abrams

Photo: Abundance Pray Love Bali Retreat

Manifesting Self-Love Self-Worth Retreat - Goddess Empowerment

Photo: Abundance Pray Love Bali Retreat


Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat

Photo: Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat

Goddess Retreat for Women

Photo: Goddess Pray Love Belize Retreat

Abiola Abrams Bali Retreat

Photo: Abundance Pray Love Bali Retreat


Prayer Meditation Manifesting Law of Attraction Retreat

Photo: Abundance Pray Love Bali Retreat

Law of Attraction Goddess Retreat Belize

Photo: Goddess Pray Love Belize Retreat

Abundance PRay Love Retreat for women with Abiola

Photo: Abundance Pray Love Retreat

goddess retreat for women - bali

Photo: Abundance Pray Love Retreat





It's time to recreate your life!




Founder, Womanifesting.com & Spiritpreneur Academy

“Abiola is spreading her gospel of empowering people culturally, emotionally, sexually and politically across every possible media platform.” – Paper Magazine

Abiola Abrams, the Self-Worth R/evolutionary, is an award-winning author, advice columnist, motivational speaker, and certified Master Life Coach. She is known for sharing her life-changing advice on networks from MTV and BET to the Discovery Channel and the BBC. Abiola’s last book, “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love,” won Best Self-Help Book at the African American Literary Awards. The popular Essence advice columnist can been seen spreading her gospel of divine feminine power.

Abiola Abrams, Omega Retreat and Workshop Leader

Abiola is the creator of inspirational products such as her “Self-Love Meditation Album,” “Womanifesting Manifestation Cards” and the “African Goddess Affirmation Cards.” Abiola Abrams has a BA from Sarah Lawrence where she studied in sociology and writing, a Master’s Degree from Vermont College, and a coaching certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 




After a life-changing stay in Rome, Italy in 2011, I began an intense study of spirituality and meditation in various forms. I became even more fascinated by the subconscious mind and the role it plays in our lives and especially in health challenges.

All the spiritual texts I studied stated that our bodies are self-healing given the correct conditions including being free from limiting beliefs. I was determined to find a technique that could help achieve this in my clients (and myself!). 

After discovering the brilliant Marisa Peer and her phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy, I knew I had to use this technique to get to the source of my clients’ health issues and emotional challenges. 

Kasia Weglarz - OMEGA RETREAT

I am now a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist. I am a graduate of both the RTT online training and the first in-person training with Marisa Peer in the US in Los Angeles, November 2017. I have been thrilled and amazed by the results I have seen using this exceptional technique, as have my clients. I am so excited to share this extraordinarily effective and rapid technique with everyone.

Kasia Weglarz can be found at:  RapidResultsWithKasia.com




Jeanine Staples is Associate Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. She focuses on dismantling supremacist patriarchies through research, teaching, and coaching.

Dr. Staples earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and Urban Education from Howard University, a Master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard University and her Doctorate in Literacy and Language, with distinction, from the University of Pennsylvania.

Omega Institue Retreat for Holistic Studies

Jeanine likes to mediate way before dawn, work out like a soldier, and shop alone. She prefers rum to wine, jeans to skirts, and likes her heels sky high (except when she’s wearing cowboy boots). Every year she asks her stylist to cornrow and bead her hair in homage to Patrice Rushen and Stevie Wonder (if you know of these artists and understand why demonstrating embodied respect for them is important, you two can probably be friends). She believes in ghosts, fairies, and hobbits (for real). Musically, she vibes to old school everything (hip hop, R&B, jazz, rock, and classical) and especially digs Hildegard von Bingen.

Jeanine Staples can be found at JeanineStaples.com




For over 15 years, Kathleen Booker has used her coaching and intuitive skills to support individuals and companies in clearly identifying areas in need of growth and focused goal creation. Her instinctive sense of what will motivate and empower her clients is the impetus for the development and implementation of the client’s strategic action plan.

Kathleen is quite passionate about Breathwork, and she knows first-hand the energy, peace and joy it creates in one’s life. 

Kathleen Booker - Omega Retreat Meditation

Kathleen is a certified Conscious Connected Breathwork Coach and has worked with many masters in the field of Conscious Connected Breathing. She is also a certified Spiritual Coach and member of the International Association of Coaches.

She has studied with Iyanla Vanzant at Inner Visions Worldwide Institute for Spiritual Development, and has coached with personal development companies such as Personal Dynamics and T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind. In addition, Kathleen is a certified giver of Oneness Blessing.

Kathleen Booker can be found at:  KathleenBooker.net




Vivian Williams-Kurutz is founder and executive director of Harlem Wellness Center, health activist, community organizer, speaker, mindfulness and racial justice workshop presenter, yoga and meditation teacher, writer, and co-owner of Plowshares Coffee. Vivian is committed to integrating and creating access and belonging for all in the wellness space. She promotes body, mind, spirit wellness as a pathway to healing, wholeness, authentic power and interconnectedness.

Harlem Wellness Center
Omega Institute Retreat

Harlem Wellness Center and Vivian Williams-Kurutz can be found at: HarlemWellness.org.

In addition, if you would like to contribute directly to Harlem Wellness to support a scholarship attendee or urban wellness, please contact Vivian directly at: VivianK@harlemwellness.org


Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe


We will kick off our empowerment journey with a rocking musical welcome by Shelley Nicole—the mainspring behind Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe—a singer, writer, composer, actor, poet, musician and a healer. It is the tap root of her latest work, "I Am American," a collection of songs written by her and produced by award-winning guitarist, composer and producer Vernon Reid of the band Living Colour.

"I Am American" harks back to the Golden Age of classic albums that embraced collaborative energy from diverse, paramount artists. The album is forged from the connective tissue of rock, soul, blues, jazz and funk into a seamless, genre-defying blend while tackling the hard questions of women reclaiming their cultural identity, their psychic refuge and their personal agency. She writes that, "the project is part of the continuum of audacious, self-confident and eclectic Black sisterhood that extends from Rosetta Tharpe to Nina Simone to Betty Davis to Labelle to Joan Armatrading to Meshell Ndegeocello." 

shelley nicole

Learn more about Shelley Nicole at:  blakbushe.com




Ready to be pampered, relax ed, renewed and dive deeper into your healing?

The Omega Wellness Center is a peace-filled facility in the middle of campus that offers more than 45 services to enhance your Goddess Unmasked journey.

The Chateau Hotel Mont Royal’s spa is the promise of a most rejuvenating moment. Its soothing atmosphere and wide choice of treatments are an invitation to a guilt-free pampering session. The heated indoor pool takes center-stage like a jewel, reflecting the light of two magnificent chandeliers in its waters.

From acupuncture to life coaching, and shamanic healing to massage, you’re sure to find an option that’s right for you.

Can't decide? The reservations staff will help you find the perfect treatment, while also making sure you don't miss a moment of The Goddess Unmasked Retreat experience.  Get your spa on -- and remember what it's like to feel good.

::::Click here to learn more about available spa, wellness and healing services




Get the most out of your experience while you’re staying on the Omega Institute campus.

Here are some must-see places and ways to play and explore:

Omega's daily open classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, and movement are designed to help you relax and unwind. 

Omega institute Retreat

Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, Omega's daily open classes have something for everyone and offer a variety of practice styles.  If you are joining us on Sunday evening, don’t forget to check out special Sunday evening open classes, including The Heart of Play or Centering Into the Omega Experience.

While you're on campus, mark the end of your day with inspiration and community. Evenings at Omega can offer gatherings, concerts, talks, readings, or films, as well as sample workshops on most Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Omega’s gardens offer an appealing dash of color all season long. Inhale the rich scents of herbs, vegetables, and flowers in  popular Omega Garden. Sit, contemplate, and listen to the sounds of nature in the Meditation Garden. 

Some of Omega's gardens are practical as well as beautiful. Meals at the Omega Café are often seasoned with herbs from the Omega Garden and flowers from the Omega Garden are found in colorful arrangements throughout campus buildings.


Spend time in nature on a 250-acre campus, stretch your legs, and leave your worries behind. Whatever your fitness level, Omega has a trail for you.


Fixed on top of a grassy hill overlooking Main Field, the Labyrinth was created as a meditative space to walk and explore. Spend time reflecting and following the winding path to find your center.

Long Pond Lake

Enjoy the beauty of Long Pond Lake. Please note, for your health, wading, swimming, and boating will not be allowed.

Omega Holistic Dining

Executive Chef Malcolm Sanz & Team



"The food we serve begins on local farms with nutrient-rich soil and plants. From the field to the  kitchen and then to your plate, every meal is made and delivered with care.

We have a dedicated team of chefs, cooks, and servers guided by Omega's executive chef Malcom Sanz, who has more than two decades of culinary and kitchen management experience.

At breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll find hearty meals to accommodate a variety of tastes and dietary needs. We take special care to provide delectable options for folks with common food allergies as well.

Gluten-free? Vegan? You'll find a delicious meal that will leave you feeling nourished.

Can food taste great AND support the environment? Yes!

Watch how food goes from the farm to the table—and then come taste the difference for yourself."

food omega plant-based


If you want your life to be different,
you have to do something different.





Omega Retreat for Women 2020





Let's go to a powerful, hideaway summer camp in the heart of the Rhinebeck, New York to manifest our dreams...

More than simply a place, Omega is a global community that awakens the best in the human spirit and cultivates the extraordinary potential that exists in us all.

Through innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit, Omega provides hope and healing for individuals and society.

Omega is a nonprofit, mission-driven, and donor-supported educational organization. For more than 40 years we’ve been at the forefront of holistic studies – helping people and organizations integrate personal growth and social change, moving beyond ‘the way it is’ toward ‘the way it can be’.

Considered a premiere travel destination in New York’s Hudson Valley, Omega has seen more than one million people come through their doors to grow, learn, and find a greater sense of purpose.

Annually, more than 23,000 people attend Omega’s 350+ programs in-person, and close to 2 million people participate in the offerings online. 

More than simply a place, Omega is a global community that awakens the best in the human spirit and cultivates the extraordinary potential that exists in us all.


Since 1977, people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities have found their way to Omega. Each season, more than 23,000 visitors attend workshops and classes led by teachers, artists, healers and thought leaders.

Past seminars and retreats have been led by luminaries like Queen Afua, Iyanla Vanzant, Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Gabrielle Bernstein, Brian Weiss, Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem, Deepak Chopra and  Jane Fonda. Omega is also a favorite getaway for celebrities.

Omega Holistic Studies Retreat Center


Credit:s Omega Photos & Videos owned by Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

NY Yoga Retreat
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies


"Awakening The Best In The Human Spirit With Exceptional Programs & Teachers. 375+ Workshops & Events.  Relax At Omega Campus. Creative Expression, Health & Healing, Body, Mind & Spirit."



Video: Goddess of Paris! Miracles & Manifesting Retreat

Greetings Goddess,

We are SO excited about YOU joining us!

This will be the journey of a lifetime.  

Stop settling already.

Let's do this.

READY OR NOT, it's time to transform your life. 

"The retreat was calling me!"

"I knew the retreat was calling me and I knew it was time for change and it was time for transformation and I knew I needed to meet my goddess sisters, my beautiful sister Abiola, and I just knew it was time for change and evolution and growth."

-Keisha Thompson

“Just complete love and light and very insightful... Abiola was able to pull things out of me...”

"I was hoping for a new beginning with this adventure. I can't even begin to describe what the retreat was like. It was beyond transformational, at least for me. It was all that I expected and more and all that I needed and more. Abiola's sessions were just complete love and light and very insightful. Where I couldn't see things, she was able to pull things out of me that was like, 'oh yeah. And that actually makes sense.' And, and she, she's able to see us individually and help tweak what we're trying to get out.".

~ Danielle Desire

"We leave EPIC. We leave transformed. We leave different than we came..."

"Just watching each of us individually as well as collectively remove the mask, you know, become totally transparent and authentic in front of each other and in a space that allows us to do that as women."

-Tomicka Miller Yates

“Helping me step into my abundance and power...”

"Abiola challenged me to make $10,000 in 3 weeks. And for the first time ever just signed an $11,000 client. What the f*ck? I’m so worthy and deserving and I so love this woman. I am so excited Abiola, you are f*cking magic. I knew it but now I really know it. I’ve never made that much. I mean, I had to raise my prices. 

I have been doing all these things like looking into the shame, looking into the charge on why I don’t want to raise my prices, all this stuff. Thank you, Abiola!”

~ Enchantress Shane Kulman
Enchanted Embodiment

"I am enjoying myself at this beautiful retreat..."

"[It's for] women that are like-minded goddesses and just are stuck just a tiniest little bit and just need that little bit of power to move forward. Do it because it will make all the difference in your life."

-Joy Miller

“Clarity for my vision, my intention and my purpose....”

"I really was ready for that next step, ready to really dig deep and find clarity for my vision, my intention and my purpose. And I was able to accomplish that while while here.

This was my first retreat - so I've definitely set the bar high.

I can only imagine what next year will be like. But knowing, knowing Abiola and her beautiful spirit, I know that it will be 10 times as amazing as it was this year."

~ Dani Thompson
Wealth Empowerment Specialist

“It has been life-changing and very powerful...”

"It was the medicine that I needed, exactly when I needed it. I've learned... how to tap into abundance using the law of attraction, and really to get my mindset set up for the success that I want to manifest. I've also learned very specific tips on how to implement my business for greater success. I think more than anything, I'm motivated to keep going forward and not to be discouraged by any setbacks or "failures".

~ Lady Shepsa Jones
Let Go Let Goddess

"I've been changed and transformed..."

"Abiola has given me such hope and such belief in myself as a business woman that I highly, highly recommend working with her if you want to really see some changes in yourself. Abiola listens, she refocuses and re-frames. And she gives you the tough love with always a smile when you need to rethink and reconsider. Abiola has given me such hope and such belief in myself as a business woman that I highly, highly recommend working with her if you want to really see changes in yourself.”

~Kara Stevens
The Frugal Feminista

"If you’re ready to stop making excuses..."

“I was in a rut that I didn’t know how to get out of. When I started coaching with Abiola, I was dissatisfied with my body and the direction of my life in general. These days, I’m down 40 pounds, working a job that I like, and producing the type of art I can be proud of.

If you’re ready to stop making excuses and to start making changes, I highly suggest working with Abiola.”

Niesha Davis
Writer. Traveler. Badass

"Goddess Abiola is tuned into the energy of the group and the Universe..."

“Before I started with working with Abiola I was signing up for every freebie there was about how to grow my business all the while having a lot of fear around actually growing my business. The Spiritpreneur Warrior Business Sisterhood has everything you need (seriously...everything you need) to start, grow, run, and improve your business in a way that is in alignment with your heart and soul. In addition to aligned business know how, Goddess Abiola is tuned into the energy of the group and the Universe and provides the mindset and heartset support that you need at all of the right times.

Carrie McCann
Self-Healing Guide
Organic McCannic

"I have learned so much..."

“What can I say about the amazing Abiola Abrams?! I have learned so much while working with her; not only from a business perspective. Abiola has provided me with the tools to look within in order to run a successful business. The tools that she provided are all heart-centered and given with a firm approach. Her savvy spiritpreneur advice is easy to follow and understand. I am a life-long client!”

Shawntell T’Neke
Sensually Hers Evolved

"An impactful journey in helping, guiding & coaching countless women."

"Abiola Abrams puts her heart and soul into her passionate mission to empower women. Her varied and multiple skills include major business savvy, TV & social media presentation, along with a depth of wisdom, soul and magnetic presence that is here to make a profound difference. This is reflected in her impactful journey in helping, guiding & coaching countless women. I consider myself very blessed to be working with her."

Medyhne Lebachen
Holistic Entrepreneur

"She helped the ministry of my practice evolve..."

“Working with Abiola was a Godsend! She helped me manifest what I had been visualizing. This was not an easy feat considering that I could not even find the words to properly articulate my vision. She was patient, knowledgeable and able to tap into my faith in a way that inspired confidence and action. Abiola helped the ministry of my coaching practice evolve into all I desired and more. She is definitely a blessing for anyone that chooses her as their guide.”

Renair Amin
Holokleria Spiritual Coaching

"Beautiful, goddess, positive and energy..."

“Abiola’s essence can be summed up in four words: beautiful, goddess, positive and energy.

She is not only beautiful inside and out, she has an amazing positive upbeat energy.

She has the natural ability and magnetism to make each and every woman feel absolutely amazing and confident enough to draw out her own bombshell diva.”

Suzanne Oshima
Dream Bachelor and Bachelorette

RETREAT in the Media

Goddess Samantha Shares Her Goddess Pray Love Retreat Journey in Essence Magazine


Goddess Pray Love Belize Retreat Group Photo sm
Empowerment Leader Samantha: Why I Attend Goddess Pray Love Retreats
essence magazine retreat recommendation

"The Goddess of Paris retreat will be my 3rd retreat with Abiola. I participated in the Bali retreat in 2017 and the Belize retreat in 2018. The Bali retreat was my first time attending a retreat and I have since attended the Belize retreat hosted by Abiola. 

I will also be attending her retreat this summer!"

"Since the Bali retreat, I begin each day seeking guidance from my ancestors. I know my greatest strength comes from within, so I no longer seek the external validation from loved ones. My God-given vision is one that I will continue to make sacrifices for, remaining grounded in my own certainty. In challenging times, I seek the guidance of a select few who are in alignment with my purpose. Being intentional about who I share my life with protects me from the self-limiting beliefs of others.

Lastly, I have learned that when I am conflicted about a decision “let it be a hell yes or a hell no!” I now take full responsibility for my energy, always operating with my higher self in mind. My 1-on-1 with Abiola in Bali gave me the courage I needed to resign from my job at an earlier than intended date and with great confidence! I learned an important lesson in walking by faith and working tirelessly to accomplish my goal. My business doubled in partnerships and continues to expand each year, simply because I said YES to myself." ~Goddess Samantha [link]

"Hippie Witch" Interview About the Spiritual Retreat  Journey



Show up for yourself.



JUNE 14th-19th, 2020
6 Days & 5 Nights

(Pre-Summer Solstice)



It's time to breakthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Women's Healing Retreat

Where is the Goddess Unmasked Retreat and Liberation Summer Camp 2020?

The Goddess Unmasked Retreat & Liberation Summer Camp begins Sunday, June 14th, 2020 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, 90 minutes from Manhattan in upstate New York, USA.

Omega Institute is located at 150 Lake Drive in Rhinebeck, NY, 12572, about 90 miles north of New York City and the major metropolitan area airports, and about 190 miles west of Boston.

You need to cover your own transit to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. 

Airports in New York Area:

  • John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • La Guardia Airport (LGA)
  • Newark (New Jersey) Liberty International Airport (EWR)
  • Westchester County Airport (HPN)

Car Directions From NYC: Take the Saw Mill River Pkwy. to the Taconic State Pkwy. North. Exit at Bull's Head Road (Route 19) and turn left at the first stop sign, then left again at the second stop sign so that you drive over the parkway (west). Go 2 miles to Centre Road (Route 18) and turn left. See On Centre Road.

Please note: We have been told that the GPS directions to Omega can be misleading. Follow these directions, which are directly from the Omega website. 

You can find taxis and car rentals at every major airport, but please do your own due diligence and plan ahead. The Uber/Lyft contracts with NYC-area airport often change. You can take a yellow cab or if you prefer you can book with a car service. Dial 7 is a popular one that others have recommended: dial7.com 

For the least expensive option besides car rental: You can also take a bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. Click here to learn more

Omega is a nonprofit, mission-driven, and donor-supported educational organization. For more than 40 years they have been at the forefront of holistic studies – helping people and organizations integrate personal growth and social change, moving beyond ‘the way it is’ toward ‘the way it can be’.

Considered a premiere travel destination in New York’s Hudson Valley, Omega has seen more than one million people come through their doors to grow, learn, and find a greater sense of purpose. 

::::Find suggested travel information here::::

We always advise you to purchase Travel Insurance. 

Location Questions? 

See Accommodations FAQ or call Omega Registration at 877.944.2002 (845.256.8144 outside the United States).

What do I need to bring with me? 

You can find Rhinebeck, New York's weather here. please pack accordingly. 

Goddess Unmasked Packing Suggestions:

  1. Wear camp-friendly clothing with comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. 
  2. If you plan to take yoga, bring appropriate yoga clothing. 
  3. Please also bring socks, hats, umbrellas, rain and sun gear to your comfort.
  4. It is chilly at night in this region, so bring a jacket.
  5. You may want to bring, as needed: allergy medications, glasses, skin/sun protection and bug and mosquito repellent. 
  6. We also recommend that you bring soap/shower gel and toiletries.
  7. There are towels and sheets, but for comfort, you may wish to bring your own if you prefer a different quality.
  8. It is very dark on campus at night. You may wish to have a flashlight with you. 
  9. You also may wish to bring a water bottle and coffee / tea thermos to bring beverages from the cafeteria to workshops.
  10. Please bring a notebook and writing utensils. 
  11. Please also bring one all-white outfit, of your choosing. 
  12. Please also bring one "goddess outfit," your interpretation.

Is there WI-FI?

Free Wi-Fi is available in A and B Cabins and Dorms.

Rooms do not have phones or televisions -- but hopefully you will not be spending much time in your room.

Cell phones can be used between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

More specific questions about Wi-Fi and phone connections? See Accommodations FAQ or call Omega Registration at 877.944.2002 (845.256.8144 outside the United States).

*Please note: As with any trip, scheduled events, times, agenda subject to change or rearrangement.

What if I need to cancel?

Refunds are available (less a $55 processing fee) up to eight days before your program or stay. 

Nonrefundable credit toward a future Omega program or stay (less a $55 processing fee) is available if you give notice between seven and one day(s) before your program or stay. Credit may be applied to any Omega program or stay for one year following date of issue. 

No credit or refund is available if you cancel on the arrival day; if you do not show up; or if you leave an event early for any reason. No refund will be available if you attend a program and are dissatisfied with its presentation or content.

Please find the full Terms and Conditions here.

What are the retreat accommodations?

This is a comfortable, rustic, summer camp-style experience. Find your beautiful, country accommodations HERE  on the Omega site.

To create a zen, peaceful atmosphere, rooms do not have phones or televisions. There is also no talking outside on campus after 10 pm.

All accommodations booked are part of an All-Inclusive Stay. 

Commuter Fee is required for those not staying in Omega accommodations. Please see their list of Local Hotels and Inns).

Questions? See Accommodations FAQ or call Omega Registration at 877.944.2002 (845.256.8144 outside the United States).

Please note -- on campus rooms fill up quickly. Register now. 

***Very important: A wonderful perk is that you can ask Omega to book you with a roommate if you are on a budget, or would just like to connect with new people. 

You can stay at a hotel off-campus, but there is a commuter fee if you do so. So book now.

::::Learn more here.

Who can I bring with me on the Goddess Unmasked Retreat?

Either feel free to come alone and make sister-friends (most attendees come solo!) or bring people you want to grow with. 

You can ask Omega to book you with a roommate if you are on a budget, or would just like to connect with new people. Be specific that you want a roommate who is attending the Goddess Unmasked Retreat with Abiola Abrams. 

This is a no children, no pets retreat. You must be over the age of 16 to attend. There may adult language and situations. 

All are welcome! 

Anyone may attend, but the program and practices at the retreat prioritize the healing and evolution of women-identified people.

The retreat will address the guests as women and/or women-identified people and sisters interchangeably. Healing practices will also refer to the "womb chakra" and "yoni."

This is a spiritual, non-religious, non-denominational, matriarchal-based adventure, and all attendees are also personally addressed as "Goddess." The names and terms "God", "The Universe" and "Spirit" (and related) will also be used. 

What if I have special health concerns, mobility issues or food challenges like allergies or sensitivities? 

We can't wait to meet you, gorgeous!

By attending this retreat, you are taking full responsibility for your mental, physical and emotional well-being as an adult. We are not doctors or medical practitioners and everything shared at the retreat is for informational purposes only. Nothing is meant to replace medical treatment or to diagnose or treat any medical, physical or mental health condition. 

Please clear this trip and your travel with your own healthcare team. Be sure to pack whatever medications or vitamins you need for your health. You may also ALWAYS choose to opt out of any movement sessions or physically demanding activities at your own discretion. Again, nothing we say is meant to take the place of any advice from your mental and physical healthcare team. 

Omega's Rhinebeck campus is lovely and beautiful, but also hilly and wooded in many areas. If you have any mobility concerns, please contact the Omega Special Needs Coordinator at 845-256-8144, ext. 181. They can arrange to drive you around campus on a golf cart or make other arrangements for your comfort and accessibility. 

Omega’s Dining Hall offers vegetarian and vegan options at every meal, as well as non-dairy, wheat-free, gluten-free, and soy-free options. See the EAT section for more information about Dining at Omega.

Q: Why will there be mostly vegetarian food?
All of the Goddess Retreats have been plant-based. In addition, a primarily vegetarian diet fulfills one of Omega's core values—sustainability. Vegetarianism consumes fewer resources and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than a heavily meat-based diet.

Q: What if I have food allergies?
If you have severe food allergies and sensitivities (peanuts, soy, dairy, etc.), you MUST contact the Omega Special Needs Coordinator at 845.256.8144, ext. 181 after booking.

As a full food-service operation serving around 1,800 people a day, Omega reports that they are unable to guarantee any dish to be free of food allergens, although they will certainly do their best.

Q: What if I am sensitive to gluten?

A: Guests with gluten sensitivities will find many gluten-free options at Omega. The Omega Essentials Bar, Salad Bar, and main dishes regularly contain gluten-free options. Feel free to contact the Omega Special Needs Coordinator at 845.256.8144, ext. 181 for more information.

Q: Can Omega cook something special for me? Or can I bring my own food?
They are not able to cook specifically for individual guests, but they offer 24-hour access to a shared Guest Kitchenette Space (used by guests and Omega’s seasonal staff), where you will find a microwave, sink, and a guest-only refrigerator and freezer. You are invited to bring any supplemental foods with you that you may need. 

*Please also take the added self-care responsibility of reconfirming during meals that ingredients that you are allergic or sensitive to have not been used. Human error does occur, so please always re-confirm and be aware for your own well-being.

Please find a full medical statement and disclaimer here.

How do I contact you with additional questions?

Hey Goddess! We'd love to hear from you.

The lovely Michaela is our Retreat Support Goddess. She is happy to answer your questions anytime.

  • Email Michaela: yeswecan@WomanifestingU.com
  • Email Abiola: business@abiolaabrams.com

You can also call Omega for registration assistance or any general questions:

  • 877.944.2002 (toll free in the United States)
  • 845.580.9049 (International)

*ALSO - please note: As we get closer, we will communicate in a private, intimate retreat Facebook. So please stay in touch!


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