Goddess of Manifestation
Balobedu/South Africa

  • Temple: Conjurers
  • Element: Water

Goddess Modjadji is the hereditary rain queen of South Africa’s Balobedu people, a matrilineal queendom. Modjadji’s daughters dance to the frequency of rain.

Modjadji’s Guidance

Showers of blessings are yours. You are a rainmaker, master manifester, shapeshifter, alchemist, and sorceress. Open your hands and heart.


Yes! Make it rain! You are manifesting—big. This has been a long time coming. You are co-creating with Spirit. Match the energetic frequency, the àse, of your desire. You are magnetic, and like attracts like. Raise your vibration to align with the sacred. Close your eyes and see your blessings. Feel them in your bones. Ask, believe, act, allow, receive.

Goddess Declaration

“Divine blessings flow to me so easily.”

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Card Meanings

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