Asase Yaa

Goddess of Joy

  • Temple: Warriors
  • Element: Bush

Goddess Asase Yaa rules life and death as the joyful crone celebrated as Mama Earth. Her energy is loving, fertile, and nurturing, and her name is invoked at major life transitions.

Asase Yaa’s Guidance

Your happiness matters. Joy is sacred. Your laughter waters the earth.


You deserve to be happy. It is safe for you to feel good. Allow yourself to feel joy with no limits. This is selflove. Your happiness doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. If you can’t imagine it, you won’t be able to live it.

Giggle therapy break: Close your eyes and see yourself joy-filled. Now laugh with your mouth and your eyes wide open! Try it to release feel-good endorphins.

Goddess Declaration

“I feel like me when I’m happy.”

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