Goddess of Pleasure

  • Temple: Conjurers
  • Element: Air

Tanit was the goddess of the stars in ancient Carthage. Today, all the way over in Ibiza, they still have pleasure-filled, full moon, midnight table-dancing parties in her name.

Tanit’s Guidance

You are thirsty for more pleasure. You can’t thrive when life feels dry. You are made of laughter and stardust, not sawdust. Pleasure is your birthright, a gift from the Universe.


How much juicy pleasure can you stand? Turn up the pleasure principle. You secretly feel that you don’t deserve it, but pleasure is a healing and manifesting force. Laughing, loving, and orgasmic joy is holy. Hold your hands over your reproductive area and say aloud, “I deserve pleasure.”

Goddess Declaration

“It feels good to feel good.”

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Card Meanings

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Temple 2: Ancestors

Temple 3: Conjurers

Temple 4: Warriors

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Temple 6: Lovers

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