Sara la Kali

Goddess of Divine Lineage

  • Temple: Ancestors
  • Element: Water

Great Ancestress Sara la Kali (meaning Sara the Black) was an Egyptian prophetess and the patron saint of the Romani people. Oral history says that Sainte Sara had the highest divine lineage.

Sara la Kali’s Guidance

Your ancestors protect the holy grail. The holy grail is you. Divine ones walk beside (and within) you. Trust.


Your ancestors want to remind you that you are not alone. They are rooting for you. They ask you to honor your spirit guides and call upon the power of the Divine. Create or nourish your ancestral altar or shrine. Unbury your ancestors. Speak their names. Your divine lineage ancestors may be blood-related or culturally or spiritually connected.

Goddess Declaration

“I am my sister, and my sister is me.”

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