Goddess of Worthiness

  • Temple: Warrior
  • Element: Bush

Great Goddess Atete, queen of the gods, is a fierce protector of women and girls for the Oromo people of Ethiopia.

Atete’s Guidance

Stop hiding, shrinking, and playing small. Stand tall like the majestic sycamore tree. You are mighty. Life does not need to be perfect for you to embrace your own perfection.


You matter. Worthiness is your veins. Accept yourself now. Your birth certificate says that we need your overflowing magic, joy, and vulnerability—and most importantly, we need you.

You are deserving and worthy. The beautiful parts of you that everyone likes are worth loving. The parts that you or others dislike are worth loving too. Your Creator loves you unconditionally.

Goddess Declaration

“I matter."

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Card Meanings

Temple 1: Threshold Guardians

Temple 2: Ancestors

Temple 3: Conjurers

Temple 4: Warriors

13. Oya
14. Atete
15. Sekhmet
16. Asase Yaa
17. Sitira

Temple 6: Lovers

Temple 7: Griots

Temple 9: High Priestesses