Goddess of Sacred Lust

  • Temple: Lovers
  • Element: Fire

Qetesh, the “Mistress of the Gods,” is the Egyptian goddess of sacred sexuality, ecstasy, and fertility. Her two men (yes!) are the fertility god Min and Montu, the god of war.

Qetesh’s Guidance

You are an erotic creature. You have a divine right to experience sensual ecstasy. It is sacred to give and receive pleasure.


You deserve to feel good. It feels good to feel good, so allow yourself to feel good. Lean into your sacred lust.

Turn up your own fire and quench your thirst. Dance with pleasure. You daring to embrace your sensuality will set the world on fire.

Goddess Declaration

“It feels good to feel good.”

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Card Meanings

Temple 1: Threshold Guardians

Temple 2: Ancestors

Temple 3: Conjurers

Temple 4: Warriors

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14. Atete
15. Sekhmet
16. Asase Yaa
17. Sitira

Temple 6: Lovers

Temple 7: Griots

Temple 9: High Priestesses