Every man dreams of the day when his garage is a sanctuary. Here are tips on converting a garage into a certified Man Cave.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryone needs their own space, and if you man isn’t feeling like he has his in the house, maybe the garage is the natural space for his prospective “man-cave.” 

We’ll speak to him from here…

A man-cave is a great place where you can make all of the interior design decisions, and you’ll also find that it is a great place to go for a little bit of privacy. Whether you want your man-cave all to yourself, or you want to make sure that it is a good place to bring your friends, check out these tips for making sure that your garage-based man-cave is one of the best around.



The garage might be heated, but if you want to make sure that you are going to be comfortable there, look into installing some insulation and drywall.

There are plenty of older garages with bare wood walls, and while you might like the rugged look, you are going to care more about whether you can be warm when the temperature starts to drop. It only takes a weekend of work to get some walls and some insulation in, so consider what your options are.

Think About Flooring.


If you want to give your man-cave a rather finished look, you need something on the floor. The plain concrete gets cold, and on top of that, it means that you’ll lose a certain amount of heat regardless. If you are not into putting down real flooring, think about at least putting down some rugs or some carpet scraps. If you head to the carpet dealerships, you’ll find that there are plenty of carpet remnants to be hand, and if you are willing to bind them yourself, you’ll discover that you can put down your own rugs with an impressive amount of ease.


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The mini-fridge is one of the most standard things that you will find in a man-cave, but why leave it at that? Most guys will get hungry when they are hanging out, and it is always a great idea to have food on hand.

In addition to the mini-fridge, why not add a microwave and a small portable grill? These things allow you to have hot food when you are hanging out. For example, chips are great, but what about chips with melted cheese on top? A sandwich is tasty, but how about a grilled cheese and ham sandwich? If you are recreating your home away from home, consider putting in your own mini-kitchen, not just a mini-fridge!


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One way to make the walls seem a little less bare is to put up posters, but skip the plain posters on the wall. You’re not in high school any more, and a little bit of finished work can go a long way towards making it a man-cave rather than a boy-cave!

Get some classy posters and put them into poster frames. It really is that simple to give things a more finished, appealing sort of aesthetic. Choose posters that match your interests, whether you have a love for NASA rockets, good looking magazine centerfolds or old-fashioned movie posters.

Sound System.

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If you are a guy who loves music, a garage man-cave is a perfect place to listen to it, especially if you have insulated the area.

A great sound system is a fantastic investment, and you’ll find it can really enhance the quality of your space. When you want to play music as loud as you like and you don’t feel like bothering with headphones, invest in a sound system that will produce every riff and guitar solo in perfect clarity.

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