'Womanifest' Yourself

Hi, I am a recovering people pleaser, like an episode on MTV’S True life, do you remember that show? This was something similar in essence. The interview spoke on how people pleasing is a trauma response to fear that some people may have inherited or used as a coping mechanism. Abiola Abrams has been a recovering people pleaser for the last couple of years and so now she is helping others to reclaim their power and stop living in fear!

Abiola Abrams was interview by Sarah Kirton form the Mysticmag about her recovering people pleasing journey and how that journey has helped others within the spiritual community and her own communities. Sarah, who reside in Cape Town, South Africa is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. I know it must have been an honored for both women to have done this interview for Mysticmag.

The Interview

She began the interview, very intrigued about the feminine divine. As they spoke, Abiola explained that duality exist naturally and how both feminine and masculine energy existed but not as what we were told. These were just some of the ways that we describe the polar opposite energies surrounding us and in her spiritual West African traditions they called it Mawu-Lisa energy – sun and moon energy. Unfortunately, there isn’t a balance within this energy right now, she explained in Mysticmag, “due to our patriarchal society, we are what I like to call “over- yaned” and lacking more of the energy that focuses on compassion and empathy.” Abiola stated.

It was while discussing this, that they took a dive deep into Abiola Abrams journey and the becoming process of Womanifesting, a community created to help others on their own journey. They spoke of how her childhood years and her parent’s own people pleasing journey help formed her own fears and similar behaviors. Abiola spoke about how Womanifestation, came from her journey of self-love, falling back in love with the parts of herself she thought were unlovable or that didn’t please others and thus became the key parts of the community she has manage to create with each Goddess Retreat organized over the years

The Importance of Self-Love

As they continued to speak, the evolution of self sparked the conversation to turn on how “trendy” the words, self-love and self-worth and how knowing an individuals status is very important in this date and age. Abiola mentioned, “It is important for me to express that it is an incredible privilege that self-worth has become a huge topic of concern in our contemporary society for us as women. It wasn’t so for many as a whole, just a few years ago and so as society continues to evolve so does our conversation.

She further explained;” As a member of the first set of generation that was told we could do and be all we wanted to be in this world, especially for us; women, I love seeing and being a part of the community that helps move the world into this direction. Releasing the illusions and giving all the luxury to talk and live within their self-worth.”

Abiola continued to say, It is just now; we are realizing that there are two dominant emotions – either of love or of fear and that the things that tends to hold us back are normally out of fear whether on a conscious and subconscious level. Yes, I am glad, more and more persons are subscribing to move with the emotion that is of love and no longer fear. “

They chatted a while longer on that topic. Then, they spoke about Abiola’s new African Goddess Rising Oracle Deck. This is was her fourth deck, Abiola explained that this was assigned to her by the ancestors and is a deck of Feminine Divine Energy and incarnations of the Goddess. It can be used for personal development and/or divination. You can view a fellow spiritual Goddess unboxing this new deck here: DECK UNBOXING

Upcoming Retreat

Before the interview ended, they also shared in what persons could expect from Abiola’s upcoming retreat in Tobago. Abiola excitedly stated that, “This is my first post-pandemic, in person, large-scale retreat and I expect it to be just as powerful and amazing as all the other retreats I have been blessed to organize in Bali, Belize, UK and France. Retreats are a large part of my personal and spiritual practice and a big part of what I offer as a teacher and student.

Retreats offer an immersive way to rapidly and exponentially grow and expand your consciousness. This retreat will allow me to work with people individually and in a group on some of the rituals and practices I share in my last book African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity & Joy. I am really looking forward to this retreat and working with people once again in person and creating amazing transformation and memories in self-love.

Overall, this was an amazing interview. Learning from fellow spiritual community member is always a good idea and will definitely give you a boost to continue on in your own awesome journey. If this aligns with you, you can head on over and read the full interview here: “Womanifest” Yourself with Abiola Abrams.  

Until next time…