Tapping to Open Your Heart for Love with Goddess Rachel – EFT Emotional Freedom Technique…

To support my Spiritpreneur Goddess community during the pandemic, I offered 13 free 1-on-1 sessions. I offered Spiritpreneur lightworker business coaching sessions  and belief clearing sessions. These sessions are to focus on whatever the goddesses want to. The only caveat is that they would have to be open to having the sessions recorded to share with the community so everyone could benefit. 

The response was so blessedly overwhelming, that I opened it up to 18 free sessions. It will end up being quite a bit more free sessions as I will be also offering free booster sessions to my clients currently in my Spiritpreneur Visibility Book Lab.

We are all in this together…


EFT Tapping to Open Your Heart for Love

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About Goddess Rachel

What outcome are you seeking with this conversation?
Clearing blocks to ‘having enough’ – love, abundance, success, support, companionship. And all benefits from being in the presence of Abiola!

What is the biggest thing holding you back right now?
Other than a pandemic! Deep-rooted beliefs such as “Maybe that’s not possible” – to generate so much income that I can wipe out my debt AND build wealth, to feel independent AND have a partner who appreciates me for all I am, to have success and abundance without really, really struggling for it, to live in a city/area that I really love

What are you most proud of OR most excited about right now? 
Some manifesting ‘skills’ I learned and acquired in an online workshop earlier this year- I’ve manifested a specific amount of money, some work in March (until it was canceled! The word is I’m still supposed to be receiving payment for it). I’m excited what else can be manifested later this year! (music opportunities, travel, romance, abundance etc)

What are your website or social media links? 



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