Tapping for freedom from domestic violence and PTSD with Goddess Jasmine: EFT Emotional Freedom Technique…

To support my Spiritpreneur Goddess community during the pandemic, I offered 13 free 1-on-1 sessions. I offered Spiritpreneur lightworker business coaching sessions  and belief clearing sessions. These sessions are to focus on whatever the goddesses want to. The only caveat is that they would have to be open to having the sessions recorded to share with the community so everyone could benefit. 

The response was so blessedly overwhelming, that I opened it up to 18 free sessions. It will end up being quite a bit more free sessions as I will be also offering free booster sessions to my clients currently in my Spiritpreneur Visibility Book Lab.

We are all in this together…

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Tapping for Freedom from Domestic Violence and PTSD with Goddess Jasmine

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About Goddess Jasmine

What outcome are you seeking with this conversation?
The outcome I am seeking is to finally see, feel, and experience myself as whole and complete and let go of the belief that I am never going to be able to heal from dealing with ptsd symptoms and “trauma brain” and always be “a hot mess.” I feel like I’m at a time where I see my light and my shadow equally and sometimes its been a challenge to not slip into self hatred when I recognize my lower aspects. I also feel like I know my purpose and my passion but fear that the world will try to tear me down if I try and pursue it.

What are your website or social media links?

What is the biggest thing holding you back right now?
Not being able to fully love and accept all aspects of myself and consciously choosing to over rely on cannabis to cope with life.

What are you most proud of OR most excited about right now?
I have done so much inner work throughout my life, and have had just always had so many miracles, blessings, and synchronicities including finding Abiola’s channel and this session that I am so so grateful for. I really feel like my higher self has been very present and guiding me much more than ever. I’m most excited about the inner shifts that I feel coming.


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Tapping for Freedom from Domestic Violence and PTSD with Goddess Jasmine