Our “One Man’s Opinion” blogger gives us his very basic “insight” into the male mind… We kid you, Mike!

The differences between the sexes can often lead to many men considering women to be an alien species. Though our understanding of them is often lacking, one of the best ways to come to a comfortable middle ground is for them to try to understand us as well. Show this to your significant other and she may just think twice the next time you have a disagreement, and take your relationship to the next level.

1. We Men Love Simplicity Itself.

This particularly pertains to ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘maybe’ answers to questions.

Men aren’t complex. If you do or say confusing things, we get confused. Many a time I‘ve gotten into trouble without knowing what exactly it was that I did. Suffice to say, guessing games are not our strong point.

The best way to get a guy to act appropriately is simply to tell him straight!

2. I’ll be Mr. Fix-It.

In my experience, men are designed to fix things. It’s just in our nature. Technological problems aside, we do our best to help get to the bottom of a situation.

Ladies love to elaborate about a problem they’re having, but sometimes rebuke the thought of us, or anyone else, solving it. Put two and two together and you’ll realize that if you express a grievance about something, we’ll try and make it right. That’s something you might want to consider unless you want us calling up your boss and telling him to lay off the sleazy remarks.

3. Wearing The Trousers. Yeah.

Plenty of men feel deflated if they’re not the dominant one in the relationship. Saying that we are easily bruised, a little care and understanding can make things right.

If your partner isn’t earning as much as you, downplay the importance of money in your relationship. (Abiola’s note – never downplay yourself or play small, of course!)  Matters, such as not being able to perform in bed, can easily contribute to a loss of self-confidence. Talk about solutions from non-chemical holistic solutions to various other methods that will keep you both happy. Of course, this blog is for informational purposes only, so you’ll have to consult your doctor, but I’m just sayin.’

4. The Love Key…

The key to any relationship is trying to understand, with an emphasis on the trying. Considering situations from the other side can often help you see your partner’s point of view, even if you don’t agree with it. If not, why don’t you just give in? You’ll feel better in the long run and so will your partner.

So girls (and guys) what do you think?

Is this accurate, or is there anything else you would add?

Today’s man blogger Miles Warner divides his time between lifestyle writing and hanging out with friends. 

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