Bombshell book club alert! Are you familiar with the esteemed healing goddess force of nature known as Dr. Carmen Harra? “People all over the world, join hands… It’s a lovestream, a lovestream.” Let’s talk about how to love in the energy of the highest good. This love class has juicy life energy and helpful advice. It’s only the second one using Google Hangout so we’re still working out the technical kinks.


Hey Lovies,

Let’s talk about the mysticism and spirituality of romantic love, shall we? Dr. Carmen is all about love as a spiritual practice and taking our relationships to another level. She also teaches that there’s a difference between life partners and soulmates.

Dr. Carmen Harra is a certified relationship coach, intuitive psychologist and bestselling author. Her most recent Hay House book is entitled Wholeliness: Embracing the Sacred Unity That Heals Our World. Apologies again for the audio issue.


This extremely love class is a full juicy hour.

The topics we cover include: soulmates, marriage, healing, criticism in relationships, using intuition to find spiritual partnerships, forgiveness, the law of attraction in dating and even Dr. Carmen’s near death experience that opened up her gifts of sight.

You don’t want to miss this. If you can’t see the video, click here for my love class with Dr. Carmen Harra.

Love, Coach Abiola


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