Did you see rapper DMX aka Earl Simmons on OWN’s “Iyanla, Fix My Life” self-help crisis series? We did, too, and like you found it quite painful to watch as DMX’s courageous son Xavier Simmons poured his heart out to try to establish a relationship with his estranged dad. DMX seemed beyond rude, mean, nasty and disrespectful to his son and coach Iyanla Vanzant as she was only trying to help. She asked us to tweet #SupportDMX and we have to admit that we found that more than a wee bit challenging, but we did. We also added #SupportXavier.

We were watching a broken adult man seriously lashing out and verbally abusing everyone around him. We were thoroughly disgusted until we remembered that he is us. We have been disgusting and rude ourselves and we probably will be again as we live in human form. It’s hard not to judge, but we’re working on it.

Our professional astrological wonder Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull also has something important to share on the topic. Her open letter to Kenya Moore of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and review of Beyonce’s “Life is But a Dream” documentary struck a cord, and she’s coming from a place of love and blessings once again. If you’re so inclined, also check out “4 Ways Iyanla Vanzant Helped Me.”

As usual, we leave in Goddess Yaddie’s unique language, grammar, spelling and energetic communication approach because it’s all part of how she communicates her magic. Her opinions are her own and we’re lucky to have her. Take it away, queen… -aa

Dear DMX: 446,

The promos were everywhere, the net, other channels, other than OWN. The anticipation was RISING. Over here in our circle we watch Iyanla: Fix My Life anyhow; but usually individually, in our respective abodes. We only merge every other Sunday to watch “RHOA;” for those Sundays we don’t meet we’re usually on a six-way call to discuss it. But this time, we all gathered around an evening earlier in Cindy’s living room to watch who? YOU!

Dear DMX Open Letter‘The power to change the sista-girls routine. Smile. The vittles and refreshments she would have served tonight {for the RHOA reunion air}, she served last night.

The opening of the show last night, where Vanzant is shown in the red leather jacket (cool jacket, by the way) to preface what we were about to see. She asked that we all show love via #SupportDMX. I already knew I would be on deck for that!

This review? My support.

Over here in my TV watching circle, Mr. Simmons, most of us are in your age range. Two of us even rocked wit’ you at a concert or two of yours back in the late ’90s and early ’00s. Gosh, where does all the time go?

Walter Mosley said in his book “Fear of the Dark: A Novel (Fearless Jones)” “…it’s a synthetic world.” He ain’t NEVER LIED!

Our previous impressions of you: When one encounters raw honesty like the kind YOU possess and emit, no matter how shocking, it’s refreshing. You are a reminder of the chaos realm, carbon, the ether9. Those that know what that mean, already KNOW. Those that don’t…well, then, you just don’t.

Ooo, that reminds me. X, when Ms. Vanzant tried to sway you into agreeing that “Dark” was…well, you were there. You didn’t give in. But we wish you had mentioned “Yin/Yang,” and how dark is the balance to light. Wholeness. IV knows this. We know she does! Perhaps she was trying to get an angle where you’d completely sway her way.

But if she still studies like we suspect she still studies, there’s no way she could have walked into an interview with you {or ANYBODY} and not have performed the proper things to give her better insight into just WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN WALKING INTO.

And I ain’t just talkin’ watching your interviews on youtube or your Behind the Music feature, either.

X, if you’re wondering what I mean [which I can’t see how? You’re a Sagittarius, y’all perception is on 10!]? Watch that interview, the very first one she did with BBW cast member Evelyn Lozada, see where IV warns her. Look at the expression on IV’s face. Right then and there, we KNEW that she walks into no interview spiritually unprepared.

Now, I’d expound further here, but something in the way Nina Simone reflected in her memoir “I Put a Spell on You,” {pertaining to spirituality} paraphrasing “…due to western prejudice I will not say.”

Due to my love for Nina Simone, heck, I ain’t saying either!

To that end, Ms. Iyanla Vanzant, you were brave to take that job on anyway, knowing the nature of the mission you were about to embark on.

But one thing… Ms. V. .. where you told X not to tell that story again, IN THAT WAY. Firstly, it’s very difficult to tell ANY artist how to tell THEIR STORY—be it a painful one or a joyful one. But to attempt to tell HIM, X, that? C’mon.

Now, I’m no advocate of “living in da Pain.” How is that useful? But I also know if one doesn’t GET IT OUT, the PAIN will live in them…where it’ll remain. This too is not useful. GOTTA GET IT OUT! The transform that toxic outage to healing energy! A’se!

We can’t tell folks how to tailor their excretion of Pain. Can we?

Okay, if they excrete their pain by Projecting IT on to Others. Sure, there, we can say, NO!

But in that frame shown he wasn’t hurting anyone else via that RAW HONEST FEARLESS EXPRESSED EXCRETION OF PAIN.

That R E L E A S E had to have served millions with being able to finally R E L E A S E too.

Ms. Vanzant, that brings me to this:

Iyanla VanzantRecall where you sat down with Tashera? OK. Now, it’s a given, she didn’t articulate her pain with a like rawness that hubby did. And maybe that cool composed, seemingly withholding, articulation is what prompt you to tell her this:

In part, “…we as women have to recognize honor and acknowledge our pain.”

Soon as you said it to Mrs. Simmons, as women ourselves, we ALL instinctually agreed. Then a few seconds shortly thereafter a wave of “Huh?” soared through Cindy’s living-room. The same sentiment applies to men; does it not?

How come DMX wasn’t afforded that same sage advice?

‘Cause it’s c l e a r he DOES recognize, honor [said so himself…when speaking about ‘dark’] and DEFINITELY acknowledge his pain! No need to advise him there.


“I deal with mathematics.” ~RZA [from the documentary “Rhyme & Reason”]


Mama IV, we love you over here. We love you from “Acts of Faith” alone. If you had done nada else, just that—the love would still rise for you from our corner. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t feel that there was a “battle of wills” going on between you and X. Y’all both mutable signs, with that knowledge, we also wondered if there was a T-square going between you two? No, we didn’t look at y’all composite charts. Yet, we still wondered. Smile.

From the previews where dis, no, DISRESPECT, was shown…

We had immediately spoke to the fierce irony of when he was on that show “Couples Therapy” with Teshera, and how it wasn’t shown he speaking to that therapist in that manner. No need to say all the rest WE DID SAY. We were just hell bent on washing our hands of him!

Ms. Vanzant, knowing the spiritual laws like you know them and karmic price to pay when one disrespects their elders [I know you know this cause I can recall listening to a radio show where the host was—seemingly—trying to get you to say something wry about Bill Cosby; but you refused to disrespect your elders, especially publicly. It was right then and there I became curious about Yoruba], I know your heart sank when he CAME AT YOU LIKE THAT! All of our hearts sank. It’s still heavy.

Marvin Gaye sung at the top of one of his hit songs, “…we’re all sensitive people.” He ain’t never lied!  As an astrologer, I know that Virgos (Cancers too) work with a special kind of sensitivity.

In short, Mama when he came at you like that, he not only hurt you he HURT EARTH MAMA HERSELF. Tiamaat!

DMX repent for that!

To apologize, then DO IT AGAIN. Nah, bruh. No!


DMX, you are a “King of Hearts.” This is the Loving Father Card. You know the common sayings: “It just wasn’t in the cards.” Or, “The hand that I was dealt.” E, those aren’t just ‘sayings.’ It’s mathematical preciseness like NONE OTHER!

Mike Tyson is a King of Hearts too. Link up wit’ him for counsel…if he’s receptive.

Math, true

Math, is the Secret Science of the Universe.

Due to your love for dogs, by now, you had to have run into someone via your travels that told you that that’s “Anubis” energy. Anpu/Anubis guides… Please study.

I had an addiction too: Food.

Studying. Amassing self-knowledge was/is a great replacement for any addiction.

One more thing, if you should ever run into anyone with surnames like: Bey, El, Dey, etc. Ask them “What’s the difference between ‘driving’ and ‘traveling’.” Ask them what does the #18 mean? If they are receptive to you, what they’ll share will TRANSFORM your scope.

Serious transformation is what it takes to kick any drug!

We’re humbly grateful for the honesty shown last night, in your songs, throughout your career—again, it’s rare.

We are grateful for your seed. Another great talent—clearly! We all looked around at one another after he played and sang “Exhaustion” for you [FOR ALL US] and said, “Is that song going to be iTunes?” DNA is mathematical magick!

Xavier put us in the mind of the singer Maxwell. Not aesthetically, but intellectually, in song and say. If he’s not a fellow Gemini, then he has to have it strongly aspected in his natal chart. Much love to you, Xavier! <3

Destroying the Black family structure/ the Black man, has its roots in slavery. It does. It does. It does. Dr. DeGruy’s Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome spells all of it out succinctly. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s often said “We can’t get ahead if we stay in the past.” Sigh… We don’t see it as staying in the past when one brings up, recognizes the genesis of our collective pain.

He said it.

“He didn’t know not one nigga, NOT ONE, that had a father.” This sad sameness hails from the same sad core beginning: The Plantation.

Most just critique the result. The sum. Then there’s the few of us that like to look at the whole problem {as our math teachers used to say ‘show your work’} to see how the sum, the result was produced.

Each life writes the script for the next.

All data [DNA] is stored in the blood, the subconscious. Even if you don’t consciously [ego] recall pastlives, your soul unconsciously does—and in most instances these subtle impulses play out much moor stronger in your existence.

Subtle. Stronger. Yeah, I know—a paradox. Such as life itself.

Life: One big ball of Irony.

Moving on…

Be clear: I am NOT giving absent fathers a pass. Not condoning. Just diagnosing.

Wendy Williams, another “18”, in one of her after-show videos, cried for him after seeing a firestorm of public criticism towards him after [they] watched one of the  Couple’s Therapy episodes.

This tearful compassion of Williams endeared me to her. Gosh, it’s so easy to have a love-strong-dislike vibe for Wendy. But I digress.

  • X, by the way, Earl totals a “9.” Nine is ruled by Mars—hence your energy. But “Love” also totals to a 9. Nine is associated with infinity cause it always multiplies to itself.

DMX is a 5. Due to the # of senses, Five is seen as the # of man.


*Now, I could give less than a flying flug who don’t agree here or care. In short, y’all seen that “Cadillac Kimberly” video, yes, the one that went viral—where she was discussing that pastor? Yes, that one. Recall how she addressed all his parishioners that may ardently disagree or be gravely appalled by her say? Mmmhmm, same here! And don’t mean no harm. Swear I don’t. Unless…you do. Ooo, I digress…

Aside from his celebrity status, DMX’s personal story is the same as many if not millions of men period, Black men specifically. The main support we can send him and ours is support in gaining self knowledge.

How does the old adage go?

To thine own self be True.

But you must know who that self IS before you can be true to it.

DMX, from the piece you performed on “Def Poetry Jam,” I strongly felt you do know YOU. And you also KNOW what’s really going on worldly. But… never mind. (yet, Ever Mind) …

…some ‘buts’ are best left alone. ..especially here in a public forum.


We love you, brotha. And we strongly sense you know exactly who to go to heal. Wholeness and Wellness Vibrations… <3

With Affection,

 Mama G <3

Images from Wikimedia Commons Amazon and Flickr.

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