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Hey Sacred Bombshell,

There are very few women who wouldn’t be delighted with the gift of a spa day. It’s a chance to really relax away from all the stresses of normal life, and to enjoy some me-time. It’s up to you whether you think your partner would prefer your company, or that of a girl friend, or maybe even a relaxing day on her own!

Planning the Day at a Spa.

Make sure you choose a top-notch spa that has a good range of facilities. You will probably want to book some treatments, like a pedicure or facial, and this should be done in advance before the day arrives. If you aren’t sure what treatments to go for, ask the spa if they can be flexible on the day, and if not, a massage is usually the best and most preferred option.

To start the day perfectly set the scene…

Whether it’s breakfast in bed or croissants and champagne make sure it is special so that you are off to a good start. If the spa day is a surprise, you will be responsible for making sure that your partner has everything she might need with her on the day, so don’t forget to pack a bag containing basics like her bathing suit, brush, favorite shampoo and a book or magazine she will enjoy reading.

Mistakes can easily be made here. Do you know for sure that she wears that bathing suit, and is happy in it? If you arrive and discover it’s the one that’s too small that she keeps in the back of a drawer for a reason, you will not be popular.

While most things can be bought at a spa in an emergency, your partner may use specific toiletries that suit her and might not want to use what the spa provides, so if in doubt, ask one of her friends to make sure you are getting it right!

Spa Day Checklist for Home or On-the-Go:
  • Bathing suit (preferably two as one can be worn for treatments)
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair accessories (for tying up wet hair or keeping it off the face)
  • Essentials toiletry bag — although the spa should have these items! (Shampoo, nail clippers, moisturizer  razor, anything else frequently used by your partner at home – this is especially important for a surprise.)
  • A change of loose and comfortable clothes, for fitness equipment or yoga
  • Something new to read (magazines may be provided, but may not cater to everyone’s taste)
  • Music to listen to and an iPod or similar device
  • Champagne and glasses (brownie points for real glasses, not paper cups)
  • Sandals or flip flops
  • Comfortable slippers
  • A towel (these are usually provided so you could check in advance)

A spa day can be just what is needed to give you a break from your usual routine and revitalize you, giving you more energy and time out from a stressful lifestyle.

It takes a bit of careful planning to make your spa day really special, but it’s a perfect way to say thank you to someone that you love and show them how much you care about them.

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Planning A Spa Day at Home – Advice Video.

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