Happy holidays my gorgeous ones! For parents,creating an area in the home where the children can make as much mess as they like is a great idea. Here are some helpful tips on creating the perfect playroom for your lil ones to go wild in… Thanks Poppie Macintosh for the advice post.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nybody who has children will know that they like to get up to all sorts around the house and, unless you keep an eye on them, they are likely to make a mess of every room they enter. That is why so many parents choose to create a playroom within their home so that the children have their very own space that they can use as they wish; that way, the mess is confined to just one area.

How would you go about creating a playroom in your own house though? There are some important things that need to be considered so that safety, fun and practicality are all take into account. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.



Children love things that are themed around their favorite characters or hobbies and creating a themed playroom if a lot easier than you think. You can either paint the walls their chosen colour to match the theme, or you can buy specifically designed wallpaper. Most DIY or hardware stores will stock wallpaper that is dedicated to kids’ TV personalities such as sponge bob, Thomas the Tank Engine or the characters from the latest craze, ‘In The Night Garden’.


If you are worried that your children will ruin your lovely new walls then this is perhaps the perfect solution. IdeaPaint actually lets you write on the walls as though they were whiteboards and then when you’re done, you can rub it off and start again. This ingenious substance is great for confining the wall-scribbling to one purpose-built area.

Source: goo.gl via Tania on Pinterest

Safety Surfacing.

If you are going to create a room that the children can truly play in without you having to watch them closely, then it is going to have to be injury proof.

Lots of cushions and bean bags are a great idea so that there are no chairs with sharp corners that could cause some damage.  Rubber feet on the bottom of furniture will also mean it won’t slide or fall over and cause accidents.


The best way to increase the safety of your playroom though is to install the right sort of floor surface. There are a wide range of safety floors for children that will cushion any falls that may occur and prevent injury. Perhaps the best choice would be rubber play tiles, similar to the ones found in playgrounds.

Playroom Storage.


If your children are going to make full use of your playroom then they are going to want to keep all their toys in it.

This mean that you are going to have to create somewhere they can store them but still keep maximum floor space for them to play in. Avoid tall storage units as the children will struggle to use them on their own and they could end up toppling over and causing an accident.

Toy chests and low level draws are a great idea so that all their toys are kept at a child friendly height. This way they can access them at any time and you don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves in the process.


Poppie Macintosh writes here on behalf of Smith Brothers. Their products and services are aimed at improving child safety. Poppie would recommend visiting their website to see their range of safety mats and rubber play tiles; perfect for any child’s playroom.

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