Do you really know what you’re putting on your face? Vegan and cruelty-free makeup is becoming the most talked about makeup trend, here’s why, how and what it’s all about. Whether you have allergies or are anti-animal products, vegan cosmetics may be for you.

It’s almost time to go out and you’re applying the finishing touches to your makeup. Great! But did you know that the lipstick or blush you’ve just applied could contain extracts of crushed insects such as cochineal, to give it that red or pink color?

When people think of veganism, thoughts usually turn to food, meat products and leather. What about makeup? Most women wear it in some form or another, even if it’s only a coat of mascara or a tinted lip balm. Vegan makeup is quickly becoming a hot topic of conversation.

The Yuck Factor: Gone!

Do you really know what you’re putting on your face? Vegan makeup is becoming more and more popular because it’s completely free from animal by-products. Not only is that great for the protection of animals, it also takes away the ‘yuck’ factor.

Mineral makeup, such as loose powders, can contain uric acid from cows and other mammals. Collagen used in face creams and other beauty products can be made from animal placenta.


Animal Friendly.

Another reason that vegan brands are becoming more popular is that truly vegan companies stay cruelty-free by not testing their products on animals.

The controversy made over animal testing in cosmetics makes this an increasingly difficult issue to avoid, with activist groups and individuals alike organizing boycotts of offending companies.

Given that some vegans will avoid eating fairly innocuous products like honey, it’s not surprising that vegan companies give animal testing for cosmetics a wide berth.  After all, it’s a practice which even non-vegans find unsettling!

Stay Gorgeous.

Women are realizing that they can get the same gorgeous makeup looks by using animal-free products. Brands like Manic Panic are vegan friendly, and you can achieve that rock & roll look, go for bright lips or create vibrant eye shadows with their extensive range of vegan makeup.

So next time you bat those lashes, maybe you’ll consider buying mascara that is free from cow extracts (elastin)? It’s definitely something to consider. With the vast and growing ranges of vegan make up from popular brands like Urban Decay, Barry M, and Manic Panic, your new shade of lipstick won’t be hard to find.

Affordable Cosmetics – Whoo hoo!

Vegan cosmetics is no more expensive than the non-vegan alternatives on the market. Whether you live a vegan lifestyle, or you simply don’t like the idea of wearing makeup with animal ingredients in it, vegan makeup is the way forward.

You can glam up to the max or choose a more neutral everyday look. You’ll find a wide selection of vegan products for every taste and style.

Have you bought any vegan makeup? 


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