We live online, right? So, it only makes sense that you might meet the love of your life online. Your online dating profile is the face you show the world. Here’s how to make sure that it truly expresses your gorgeousness inside and out. Thanks to our friends at Lovestruck for sharing the fantastic online dating profile advice. We’re practically kvelling!

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Online dating is a part of any smart single woman’s world (if she no longer wants to be single, of course)– and attracting a partner depends on your profile. Your profile is what catches the eye and there are many eyes to catch. A well-written profile that is interesting with a touch of flair will have those in-boxes bursting at the seams.

Read Other Profiles.

Read what other people are writing about themselves and think about what attracts you to a profile and prompts you to contact a member. This enables you to see what sort of people are on the site and more importantly what they’re looking for. Writing about oneself is quite an art and some people are able to convey the message well and others have very poor deliverance.

 Your online dating profile advice

Think Carefully About Your Username.

Don’t go for something sleazy or too demure. Your online moniker will be the first thing about you that is seen. If your name is along the lines of “Come get me now cowboy” you will generate a plethora of chucking out time at the pub responses. Sophisticated names are the key.

A dash of sexiness without sleaze.

Pay Attention to Your Profile Photos.

Too much cleavage on show is a definite no-no. Equally, sprawled across your car bonnet with thigh length boots on is not showing your best features and as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. Natural pictures which portray you having fun are always the best and very natural looking ones are winners.

Ask a friend to help you choose some really good pictures and upload a few. Never put old photographs on your profile. You will always get found out eventually and this is never a good start to any blossoming romance.

Keep it Short & Sweet.

Keep your profile to a neat size– meaning don’t overdo. You’re not writing a research paper. You’re writing a couple of interesting paragraphs about yourself. Be brief, positive and upbeat about your likes and do not under any circumstances, give a checklist for likes and dislikes. That will look like a shopping list.

Don’t tell outrageous lies, there are enough words in the English language to be able to write the truth about yourself without embellishing the truth. Don’t talk about your ex and how he lied and cheated on you.

It’s not attractive and off-putting. Nobody wants to hear about past relationships on a first date or read it in a profile. That comes with time and getting to know a person.

How to Create a Winning Online Dating Profile

Offer Small & Interesting Stories.

Write about past times which give pleasing memories. Travel is always a popular topic to write about and you can flesh out your profile with interesting places you have seen and what attracted you to that particular place.

Hobbies and sporting activities can help you along the way but avoid going into overdrive on these subjects as it can make it look like you have very little time for dating if you spend all day and everyday in your chosen sport.

Be Confident.

Confidence is much easier in written terms and even if you’re terribly shy, you can generate interest in written form and begin to exchange emails with a potential suitor. This will increase your confidence in the flesh, however, context of your profile is important.

Be positive and natural in what you write about yourself. You’re a nice person, concentrate on the nice parts of your nature and not where you dislike untidy sock drawers or towels left on the bathroom floor.

Refresh Your Profile.

Refreshing your profile on a regular basis is just like a make-over in written terms. Dating sites have a high turnover of people and a lot of traffic. Refreshing your profile may well attract new people and once every couple of months should suffice.


Brett Harding is the Managing Director for the online dating website Lovestruck. He believes in the importance of not losing hope in the pursuit of finding that someone special including those attempting dating in London and other parts of the world.


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