Our daring lifestyle and review blogger Coye LeRocke has taken on psychic readings, Diamond Candles, sexy toys and now she takes on online dating. If you’re single and finding dating opportunities few and far between, you should be dating online. This week on my MommyNoire column, I explain to single moms why online dating is a must for them. Here, Coye shares her review of the dating site LoveAwake.com. Be sure to also watch my online dating Love Class episode with author Damona Hoffman after the jump. -aa

Back in the day, most women were put off by the idea of “internet love” and viewed online dating as a desperate move, both for herself and in potential suitors.

Boy, have times changed.

In fact, a recent study showed that approximately 35% of relationships today began with an online introduction.

Compared to hanging out in a bar waiting for Mr Right to show up with a dozen roses and a bottle of wine in tow, single upwardly mobile professionals would rather sit comfortably behind their computers or smartphones seeking companionship for either a quick hookup or a more permanent, life-changing outcome.

But with most things, online dating comes with its own set of disadvantages. Is the person on the other end of this conversation really this awesome or is he a sociopath looking to make me his next victim? Unfortunately, it’s very well possible and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the horror stories but the same thing can occur with the guy you meet at the local coffee shop.

To help you in your search, LoveAwake.com is a free dating service (yes, free) with nearly 1.2 million registered members from around the world and is catered to anyone looking for his/her ideal mate.

Or simply a friend. Hey, it’s your party.

Registration is super easy and the journey begins right on the home page. After choosing a username, the new member is taken to a page with a detailed questionnaire to fill out. It’s optional but my advice is, if you want to be found, one would not leave anything to question. Also, by including as many details about yourself (without being too revealing), it helps potential suitors locate you.

See, the guys are still approaching you.

On the same page is where you post your brief introduction. Choose your words carefully but not too seriously. Let your personality shine! Next, the member uploads a photo and might I add, one that meets the 3 C’s: current, clear and clothed.

After you’ve completed your profile which in turn, makes you more visible and approachable, you are off to look through as many profiles as your battery life will allow.

When LoveAwake.com says international, they mean it.

If you’re in the USA, find a flirting partner in Paris or entice someone with your feminine wiles in Montego Bay. To assist members on their quest for love, friendship and nights of endless full body massages, LoveAwake.com has a blog filled with expert dating advice.

For a relatively new addition to their site, it covers a vast amount of information including how to setup a dating profile, handling a long distance relationship, and also improving and showing love in a relationship. There are even articles for readers who make it past the dating phase and are now seeking honeymoon tips.

Who says love has to be next door?

Love Awake? Thumbs Up!

  • I like LoveAwake.com and their crossing bodies of water approach to dating.
  • Love could be waiting for you in another country and what a trip it could be!
  • Register today at LoveAwake.com and follow them on Twitter (@LoveAwake).
  • Yay!


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