We are the only animals that ignore our own intuition. I write about how to access your intuition and harness its power in my upcoming guide, “The Official Bombshell Handbook” coming Valentine’s Day, 2014. Whoo hoo!

Intuition told me that I would feel connected to songstress Amel Larrieux, when I interviewed her in New York City. She is definitely a woman here for great and powerful reasons – as are you. Be sure to watch our dialogue on the video episode after the jump, but first…

Let’s Talk Intuition.

The thing about us women is that we love to talk about our problems – we think that talking about what we’re going through with our friends and loved ones is the only way we could even find a solution. Now I have no intentions of discounting the fact that your friends and family are indeed your support system – and that it’s great to have them around when you need a shoulder.

There’s a misconception in society that women are not as adept when it comes to handling problems.

But like I said, that’s all that it really is – a mere misconception. What happens, however, is that the world is constantly telling you is that you’re incapable of solving your problems by yourself, so often that you have no choice but to give in and adopt that stereotypical image of that flustered, helpless woman in distress. And that you have to turn to someone else for their help.

Your Friends or Your Guidance?

It’s great to have a friend circle, people you can call at any hour of the day or night to come to your rescue. But there’s something else you have to realize – they’ve all got their own lives to live and their own problems to solve as well. And that’s why they can’t always be there for you, or give you complete attention every time you call for help. And that little by little, without anyone even realizing it, you lose a little bit of your confidence every time you turn to others to deal with your problems.

Now, if you’ve gone down that path for too long, it’s easy to get disoriented and caught up in a web of dependence.

What may start out as dependence on people could soon turn into dependence on substances like alcohol, cigarettes, or even worse, drugs. You lose control over yourself – you stop taking care of yourself, your physical and mental fitness no longer remains your concern and you’d prefer spending your whole time drowning in your sorrow. I get that I’ve painted a dark picture too suddenly, but that’s only because I want each of you to realize what could happen if you continue relying on external support throughout your life, and if that external support system of yours fails at a time when you need it the most.

But here’s the thing …

Something I’ve realized over the years, and I don’t know about you, but it sure as hell has applied in my life. When it comes to problem solving and overcoming obstacles, there really is no one who can help you like your very own self. Sounds confusing? Let me try to make it simpler for you – I’m talking about your inner voice, your intuition, your soul, your mind, or your subconscious.

Call it what you like, but for now, let’s just stick to intuition.

So why do I maintain that your intuition reigns supreme when it comes to solving your problems?

For starters, no one knows you as well you yourself do – not your parents, not your siblings, not your friends, and not your partners.

Your intuition or inner voice knows everything that you think about – the way your mind works, your worst nightmares, and your darkest secrets. It knows you like no one else can ever dream of knowing you. You take your intuition with you wherever you go – it’s been through everything that you have, and it knows your problems inside and out.

You can rely on your intuition because you alone have honed it to become capable of knowing every little aspect of your life and how you like to live it. And the best part about your intuition is that will never share all this with anyone else. Only your intuition can help you regenerate your lost self-esteem or self-respect – all of this comes only from within. No amount of external factors like your group of friends or counselors can give this back to you.

Rise and Shine.

It takes a while to recognize this immense power within you, and it’s not an easy process.

But once you master the art of depending on yourself, you’ll find yourself becoming a stronger, surer person, more in control of your life, more aware of all that’s happening around you and you’ll find more confidence in every decision you make.

Keep your closest friends around – you’ll still need them for your regular venting and sharing. And sure, take their help and advice every now and then. But remember, your friends only know you based on how much you reveal yourself to them, and can never take the place of your inner voice in your life. You’ll have this one around for life – and the bond you have with yourself is one that nothing could ever destroy.

Today’s blogger Aiswarya is a freelance writer who likes to write poetry and blogs on health, wellness, looking and feeling good.  

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