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When the dating couples cross the threshold and enter into a marriage, sometimes they start feeling that things are not going according to their expectations. One of the main causes of this problem is, while dating, there were no responsibilities on the shoulders of both partners. But when we talk about marriage, things are different.

There are various responsibilities and obligations that are needed to be fulfilled by both life partners once the relationship enters the marriage period.  While dating, the expectations from your partner are different as you only think about whether your partner supports you to grow in the relationship. But when you enter into a marriage relationship, the expectations expand, and it is not just about supporting and strengthening the relationship. Now your partner may want and expect much more from you.

 How to Decrease Your Risk of Divorce

What You Need From Your Life Partner.

In marriage, you need to support your partner in fulfilling the important responsibilities and obligations of life. Dating is just the beginning of a relationship. But in marriage, things are more complicated, and it is like taking your relationship to new heights. Loyalty and sacrifice above all else are key.

One of the main reasons for unsuccessful marriages is that the husband and wife failed to understand the difference between a love relationship and marriage.  The fact is that, in marriage, there is more psychological, and physical attachment involved as compared to dating.

Women Who Get Married

Perceptions About Marriage.

People who are terrified of losing their freedom believe that marriage has a negative impact on relationships. They can see marriage and commitment in general as a prison. However, the fact is, besides some disadvantages, there are many more advantages in marriage. When you enter into married life, the level of true intense “we’re in this together” commitment with your partner increases.

When you get married, you are no longer single. (Duh!) So you can feel a special sense of connection.  Marriage Indicators

(As I man I think, We’re together and she is carrying my name!)

Besides that, when you get married, the way of making decisions about your life has changed as now you have to think about someone else too. These decisions include your spending of income, your home, work, and everything else.

Differences Between the Happily Married and Fabulously Single Life.

One of the major differences between being married and the single life is your sexual habits change. Now you need to stay loyal with only your spouse. Whether it is boring for you or exciting, whether you involve yourselves in sex more often or less often, somehow marriage changes your sexual life.

When you get married, your role in the housekeeping tasks also changes. You will experience a whole new way of a shared life with your life partner. Some couples like to divide the household tasks while others feel more comfortable to stay in the traditional roles of husband and wife. Whatever you want to do, should be discussed before you get married. Once you get married, the household becomes something new for you.

The Real Deal?

Marriage can change relationships either in positive or negative ways, but the important thing is life will not remain the same after marriage. Statistics be damned! Go for it. You deserve love. Study up, commit and make it happen for you and your other half.

Our secret married dude today is H. Jave with infographics via PromotionalCodes.org.uk.

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