I love this! We are NOT powerless over life-draining feelings. ANDE, POWER UP is an innovative, engaging online game (currently raising money on Kickstarter) with a twist, because “he” transforms your negative feelings into positive ones. We all could use this in our lives. Cool video after the positive living advice tips.

Followers of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction will recognize the exercise of reaching for a better feeling thought whenever we’re down. Or as my favorite affirmation guru Louise Hay says, “what can I do right now to make myself feel better?” Consider this game officially Passionate Living Life Coach approved. Check it out! -aa

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you weighed down by nasty feelings, day in and day out? You know the one’s you just can’t shake, that drive you into a bottomless pit of anxiety, depression or plain numbness, causing you to “just get through the day”. Dragging yourself along, wading through one milestone after another, you start wondering if life was ever meant for you.

Well, enough! Introducing ANDE, a crazy neuron that gets you to face up to those nasty feelings (really just other neurons), head on, zap them by taking action and then finding more appropriate feelings, yep better neurons, ones that lift you UP, rather than bring you down.

Xo Passion Card  8It’s all about energy. Through quantum physics and modern approaches to well-being it has been revealed that we are all essentially energetic beings. Our nervous system, through neurons that process and transmit signals electrically and chemically, are the messengers, instructing us how to live life. We experience these bits size pieces of information as feelings. They create our emotional reality. And they have the power to take us down … or lift us high.

Anything that prevents you from thriving and embracing the world is ANDE’s focus, so when a worrisome feeling threatens to take over and drain you, ANDE says lets take action!

Here are ANDE’s 8 steps to LIVING LIFE. The more you apply them the better you’ll feel and the better you feel the more you’ll THRIVE.

It’s quite simple, takes a few minutes to do and ultimately allows you to embrace life starting NOW, shrug off those survival habits, one feeling at a time and getting on with LIFE knowing your neurons are working for, rather than against you.

1. Breathe.

Start the moment afresh, by taking a quick time out. Concentrate on your breathing. Stay in one position, tune out from the world around you and very calmly breathe in all the way to your belly, hold it for a second or two, and then exhale slowly. Focus only on your breath. Do five deep breaths like this.

2. Identify.

Okay, head feeling a bit emptier. Now its time to see what’s “biting” you. Identify your worrisome feeling. It could be a horrible boss, your family driving you mad, a lost love, or procrastination at work, the list is endless.

3. Feel.

Notice how this feeling drains your energy. Don’t judge it, just be aware of how this feeling makes you feel. (Pretty rotten is our guess.)

4. Express.

Grab a pencil/pen/your lipstick and write it down, in big bold letters so that its glaring back at you. Be creative, the uglier it is the better.

5. Look.

Now look at the word. Don’t judge it, just look at it as a monster glaring back at you.

6. Annihilate.

Time to take action, grab the word, rip it up, burn it, bite it, do what you have to do to annihilate it completely.

7. Replace.

Hmm, what feeling would you prefer? What makes you smile? Concentrate by holding your hand to your forehead. This causes your brain to stay in the now and use both hemispheres to think in context. What are the feelings that come to mind?

8. Power Up!

Aaaaah, the final step and the best part. If the feeling makes you smile, write it down, grab some colors, post-its, whatever and add what you can to let this feeling shine. Write it backward on your forehead if you have to and look into the mirror for a minute or two. Realize this is your NEW FEELING. This is your NEW ENERGY. Take one giant step forward and get on with your life!

Well done! YOU ROCK!

Embrace your life and each time a feeling starts to drain your energy, stop, call on ANDE and do the 8 step shuffle to better feelings, which means better living.

If you enjoyed this quest, then check out ANDE, POWER UP! It’s an innovative, engaging online game with a twist, because he transforms your feelings. By pledging on kickstarter, ANDE can thrive quicker, we can all have some fun, and annihilate the barriers that stop us from THRIVING.

Check out the creative Kickstarter campaign right now. Brought to you by Meekalili.com, two crazy creatives who love to live their lives creating great stuff.

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