Lauryn Hill is an O.G., Original Goddess. You will find very few women in their 30s and 40s who are not ride or dance for Ms. Hill. We have felt her smiles and her pains. Our astrological pop cultural commentator is weighing in on the Fugee princess and her music.

Gorgeous Grear’s magnificent views are solely her own, and as per usual, we left in her unique grammatical stylings and Grear-isms. You’re still talking about her open letters to “Married to Medicine,” Kenya MooreBeyonce and DMX aren’t you? 

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Take it away, Grear…

If you have been rockin’ wit’ (reading my column/articles) Mama G. since I came on board last year, then there should be no question of my love for Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Like millions of others, I think she’s one of the best to ever do it! In an interview a gentlemen described as representing our higher selves (see video).

‘Discovered what her sun sign is way back when when there was no internet to just look it up; don’t ask me how, I don’t recall, but that information was procured.

As an astrologer these astro-things can just fall into your knowing. We also knew that she is a May Gemini. When your sun sign is in its early stages, you know, your birthday falls at the end of the month, it’s said that you take on some of the astro-flavor of the sun sign that precedes yours. With her soul-stirring sensual songs, especially that “Sweetest Thing” groove, I can definitely sense the Taurean influence there. ‘Knowing what the opposites are and that most “Full Moon” people feel this way about themselves—whether they know their astro-make-up or not.

It’s also said Ms. Hill is a full-moon baby; meaning she was born on a full moon; i.e.: her sun’s opposite sign is her moon sign. Years ago, I read a self-descript of her’s as being “Self Contained”. Solid in character, possessing all she requires within. I immediately figured “…she must have a Sag moon?”

A facebook friend named Gene once wrote/posted: “Rap – Lies = Hip Hop.” In my humble opinion, that was the best post he’d ever posted, the best post (pertaining to hip hop) that I ever read on fb, period…ever read anywhere! And it also reminded me of what Lauryn came to share—how she used her sacred platform to present herself and her craft to the masses.

Ex Fugees Singer Lauryn Hill

Photo: Brennan Schnell.

“…don’t twist it, it’s specifically consistent.” & her… “…L-Boogie rocks stars and constellations, then came down for a little conversation.” ~Lauryn Hill


Gemini ruled by Mercury, governs communication/conversation.

Hermes, Gemini, the messenger god/goddess—that’s what they’re exactly here to do. So when a Gemini is not righteous they can come off as gossipy, trivial. Instinctively, they can sense that they are here to transmit data—whether they rock wit’ astrology or not.

Eons ago, a note would be tied to the thin leg of a little birdie and the bird would be told who to deliver the note to, and he (or she…remember, II is androgynous) would fly and without fail deliver the message to the desired party. Long before email, chile. Fly, air…Gemini is one of the air signs, the first one. The four elements…we’re are a part of it and it is a part of us. It is US and WE are IT.

Look at where Gemini is stationed—in the middle of the year. In the middle, the middle man, so to speak. Again, here to pass data along. Fed Ex, the Postal Service, all Gemini entities. It’s dual, can see {or be} both sides clearly, yet, it’s mutable, so it’s likely to lean towards the most popular side. Yet, Lauryn didn’t. She doesn’t. Which makes Lauryn Hill’s say, her music, her everything—in all its brilliant uniqueness very very avant-garde.

“…I’m so damn foxy, wit’ my moxie…”

When reading some of the comments underneath the video clip for one of the movies she’s in “King of the Hill”, someone wrote: “She is absolutely beautiful.” They ain’t never lied.

Gemini Lauryn Hill

Photo: Lisa Liang

L-Boogie IS absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Like the rest of the public, I first noticed her in the 90s on TV’s “Video Music Box.” That night it aired footage from the Ark in Brooklyn, a night club. I turned the channel right at where she was rappin’, paraphrasing “…calling a girl a b* and h* when his mama raised him solo!” I rose from my couch hollering “Mickey!” Mickey is, well, was, my husband. He came rushin’ in the living room like “What’s tha matter?”

  • “Mickey who is that girl?” I asked pointing to the TV.
  • He smiled and answered, “Chubby, that’s L. L-Boogie. The Fugees.”

At that time I had heard about them, how could I not? Ex-hubby was/is a music producer. His studio was in our home and when he and his artists/homies got in there and started kickin’ it about rapper’s skills, etc.…that dynamic discourse [DEBATES] could go on for hours…and hours…and hours…and… yeah, you get the point [Jay-Z’s lyrics from his cut “Where I’m From” comes to mind, paraphrasing: ‘N* argue all day about who’s the best: Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas”].

Living in that environment overhearing that stuff darn near daily you can get just about all rapped-out, some times preferred to listen to some seventies/sixties grooves, mommy’s era of good music. But I did overhear what the fellows said about The Fugees’ first album—that review…with that say, Fugee- Interest didn’t initially take hold for me.

However, they did like The Vocab remix, and once I saw the video for it, I liked it too. But that was the extent of it till, like I said above, I saw them live at the Ark…when it aired or re-aired on TV.

Lauryn Hill, Rolling Stone Magazine

Photo: Lauryn Hill, cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Who’s that girl?!

Back then you couldn’t just get up and go online punch up youtube to gather more videos or footage for an artist, had to wait till they were presented again on TV. And every time they presented L—I was transfixed, in awe. What a gift The Creator gave this planet in creating she. I seemed to always feel better just to look at her. Word!

Remember how Roberta Flack described her affinity for Laurynr? And the way D’Angelo did the same that morning on some radio show back then? Yeah, I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

You just felt she wasn’t in it (the rap game) for the cream ($) alone, if at all. She truly came down HERE to have that conversation. With who? All of us.

Echoing…paraphrasing “…not concerned with the platinum status cause every joint I threw I would have did for gratis…”

Lauryn Hill in 2007, Brazil.

Photo: Daigo Oliva

Even more of a personal share here:

One evening, doing what I did best (back then), couch potato’ing up while probably munching on potato chips, etc. Watching the boobtube. Mickey gets in from work…without the kids in tow. He usually picks them up on his way in. He wore this happy glow…he stared at me like he just met the messiah or hit lotto, one! My first instinct was to inquire about our children then remind him that the sitter has a late fee. But I just couldn’t spout that in that very moment…not with the glow he furnished. It woulda felt like I were interrupting his HIGH.

  • “Mickey, what’s wrong?” Concerned, I stood up to face him.
  • “Chubby, nothing is wrong. It’s all right. All of it! Everything is gonna be alright.” He grinned that big cookie-monster grin of his.
  • “We hit the number?! How much?” I asked excitedly…now I’m cheezin’ too.
  • Then soon assumed we did—hit the number! ‘Jumping around grabbing his hand inciting him to do the hubby & wifey dancey thing we did when feeling especially cheerful and excited.
  • During our dance, he burst my bubble. “No Chubby, not money. Better.”
  • I stopped. “Not money?” I echoed. Hell, what else could make him THIS happy? If he didn’t hit the number, then what? Did he ink a distribution deal? Then that’s still “money” at the end of the day, is it not?

What is it? I’m sure my perplexing facial expression was begging the question.

Photo: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album cover.

Photo: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album cover.

Feeling a tad deflated I plopped back down on the sofa. Sigh…

  • But his happy glow was infectious, though not knowing the why of the happy—found  myself smiling with him all over again.
  • “Mickey, tell me!” I insisted with giggles in my throat.
  • He did.
  • “Chubby, no, I didn’t hit the lotto as far as money is concerned; but I did hit it as far as meeting human beings is concerned.”
  • I smiled, then frowned…what did he mean? Hell, he met me years ago and our sons… Hey dude what am I? What were we to you—me and the kids? Chopped liver? He must have read my [all of a sudden] wry energy. And, I’m certain, wry facial expression.
  • “Chubby, you know how I feel about you and the kids—y’all in a class all by y’all selves.
  • I’m talking about out there,” he pointed out the window for affect. “The world, personalities you bump in to.” He clarified.
  • “What Mickey? You met somebody that can get you signed?” I asked anxiously.
  • “No…Well, yes…but…no. I wouldn’t want anything else from her. She gave me the time of day—someone of her caliber…granting that? That’s gift enough.”
  • Hubby was employed at a corporation that placed him outdoors daily to work—hard hat ‘n all. So you could only imagine his grungy oily appearance. During that period he was assigned down in the SoHo area.
Lauryn Hill, Essence Magazine

Lauryn Hill, Essence cover.

This day on his meal hour he spent it walking around the chic locale. Who does he spot? Ms. Hill herself. He approaches her, she stops and actually gives him conversation. Mickey said that she was completely present and responsive. Friendly, warm and personable. They spoke some music, but not in the business sense, but in the “love for it” sense. He was so into her that he didn’t even get around to mentioning that he produce too. ‘Said he completely forgot…he damn near forgot his own name.

Yes y’all Ms. Hill actually asked my Mickey his name…and with sincerity. When he shared that piece of data…that sacred sound bite. I repeated it, in the same sincere tone he used to echo her’s: She asked you ‘what’s your name?’

He jumped around again, happy and excited, yelping, “You feel it, right? Right?”

Re-standing, and jumping with him… “Yes, Mickey, I feel it”…still do.

Humanitarianism. That “The god in me sees and honors the god in you” energy is a lost art. One that NEEDS to be found & Held; QUICKLY.

When he mentioned their first effort, naturally he did so with reverie, she responded, paraphrasing “…that’s alright. That’s fine. ‘Cause we’re coming wit’ tha score.”

Now, Mickey wasn’t thinking that would be the actual title of their second musical effort. He took it to mean ‘settle the score’, which come to think about it…it sure nuff did. Dope LP!

Every time we hear the “Everything is Everything” song, when she gets to the rap verse “…L-Boogie sparks with stars and constellations then came down for a little conversation.” We think back to the one she had with Mickey and just smile.

Mickey, I’ve never been jealous of your talents your any thing. But that one moment in time, that one shared with Ms. Hill… Wow!


Lauryn Hill, Details Magazine

Lauryn Hill, Details Magazine cover.

Now, y’all, keep in mind, this divine encounter occurred between albums, their first one and “The Score.” Today, I doubt very seriously if she’d allow a stranger to stop her in the street and gift him with conversation. Too much has transpired since then. Could you blame her?


MTV Unplugged

Photo: Lauryn Hill, Unplugged Album.

Being a female into fashion back then, of course I inquired about what she had on? Being a dude one that could care less about fashion, all he could remember was her beauty, grace and sweet presence—totally not distracted during their dialogue or even before it—she didn’t do the politically correct thing—smile, wave hi and bristle quickly pass a fan. However, soon he was able to recall some apparel, told me she wore this nice butter-soft brown, earthy in tone, leather jacket.

Gosh, I loved her style. Still do.

Artist Unknown.

Artist Unknown.

Then I asked if he got her business card?

He reminded that it wasn’t that type of encounter. That the gift is her! Her essence, the conversation, was more than valuable “offer” enough in his book.

“It would have been a crime to expect anything else from her.” Mickey concluded. Which brings me to this…those taxes. Won’t delve too deeply there. Not the point I wanna extend here. I just want it to be known that if it’s the desire of some entity to paint her as a criminal or “crazy” it won’t work here.

Even the lawyer that represented her. When the cameras were on him, he attested that she had NO criminal record.  

 “I deal with Mathematics.” ~RZA (“Rhyme & Reason” documentary)


Photo: Lauryn Hill, Entertainment Weekly cover.

Photo: Lauryn Hill, Entertainment Weekly cover.

So the public is to believe that a person with a criminally clean track record thus far, at the ripe age of 38 is a criminal? Albeit, these “taxy matters” are deemed white-collar crimes, but still [white ones or blue-collar ones]…just doesn’t seem applicable whereas Lauryn Hill is concerned.

It just doesn’t add up logically. And not for nothing, after watching so many episodes of those “UnSunG” specials on TV. There’s been countless other recording artists that went through the same taxy toll. Even today with the tax lien reports on MJB.

‘Just too many recurrences, not to wonder ‘the why’ of it all. And in no way solely blaming the artist. What are the total responsibilities of a hired accountant? Aren’t they in place to pay these things so that “these things” don’t pop up? #justathought

In a dim light, nope, we will not single Ms. Hill out here. Hope you don’t either.

And the “crazy” claims?

One of my former-favorite bloggers, he even defined her [in a dated piece he wrote on her] as “manic depressive.” Huh? How? Stopped me cold from reading anymore of his writings—especially those on Ms. Hill.

And the way Wendy Williams get on her? Yikes! It feels almost personal. Wendy, years ago, we read an article, an interview in a magazine where Lauryn was queried about you and she responded in part “…she showed no compassion so she was shown no compassion.” Or was it the [in same write-up] “…we do the same thing you and your man do.”?


Photo, Fugees album,, Blunted on Reality.

Photo, Fugees album,, Blunted on Reality.

It’s said that Cancers are one of the signs that can really hold a grudge. Ms. Williams if you’re not holding one, it sure doesn’t read as such. It showed even in how you damn near hungrily interviewed Wyclef about his book, “Purpose: An Immigrant’s Story,” particularly Lauryn’s section in it. Like she secretly holds some sort of a bloodthirsty desire to exact some “get back” or something?

But “get back” due to what? What has she ever done to you…or your ego? It’s written that Cancers are super sensitive. But you are a super logical one too. So how? Logical minds usually don’t take offense when someone responds logically to illogic.


Artist Unknown.

Artist Unknown.

Hey, I wasn’t there. ‘Just a fan that read the rags and publications like the rest of the fans. But my discernment is on TEN!

  • That 12th House stuff, you know the behind-the-scenes ish, the true why of it all—only you and she know that. Plus y’all close pals, of course—you know, the inner circle. Healing to it All!

Back to the others that wanna believe she’s the “c” word.

Here, check out how Dr. Bey defines “Prophet”:

How to Identify a Prophet

The most appropriate way to know
if someone with Melanin is a Prophet,
Or liberator of the People is this:

If Christians attack them,
And/or Roman authority seizes them,
And/or the media slanders them,
And/or they die a sudden,
And/or suspicious death,
And Multitudes of People look up to,
And/or seek insight from them,
Because they show People,
By example, that which will genuinely liberate them,
Even though the People believe it is impossible to do,
Then that is,
Sent to liberate,
OUR People!

Even in reading Prodigy’s memoir, “My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy how he wrote about a white man that came to the projects looking for him, with a bible in tow, to deliver a message to him—a prophet. ‘Couldja imagine a lone white man trekking through Queensbridge? This is way before gentrification, now. Yes, I do believe that the Most High sends Prophets here to deliver messages—especially Gemini suns and Gemini Ascendants. I’ll do a book review for Prodigy’s autobiography in a separate write-up.


Fugees, Greatest Hits.

Photo: Fugees, Greatest Hits album.

Back to that blogger I stopped reading recently:

‘Could he have read her Wikipedia page? And derived such a notion from there? There she’s labeled in a similar surly fashion by someone that was appalled by her say at the Vatican some years back [they invited her there to perform].

Why do most think so unilaterally? One-way? ‘Could it have ever dawned on that person, those persons, that maybe Lauryn Hill was appalled by the years and years of unchecked child molestations cases…ones that were finally broadly reported not all that long ago. Oprah even did a whole show on this topic. If I’m not mistaken, Tyler Perry was on that very same show speaking to what happened to him—those childhood abusive incident[s].

Why isn’t the molester ever called “manic depressive” or “miserably depressed?” Why isn’t harming a child deemed ‘crazy’? What child has she ever harmed?

“Crazy is as Crazy Does,” as Forrest Gump would say.


Fugees - The Score

Photo: Fugees Album, The Score.

OK, no emotions, let’s deal with mathematics.

I went to school, took and passed both Psych 101 & 102 classes. Also went to the Academy & had to recert annually…a vocational requirement. In both educational lots “crazy” was described [in part] as a danger to themselves or others. Who is Lauryn Hill a danger to?

If you’ve never matriculated for any of the aforementioned curriculum you could still glean from all the Dr.’s on TV, youtube, i.e.: Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, Dr. Umar Johnson, among others, where do they begin when they’re counseling? Yes, the beginning, the person’s childhood.

Yes, mathematics deals with the beginning, the whole problem, to solve it. And remember how the math teacher would always say, “Show your work.”

Even Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger (another Gemini) would scold some of her clients with the way the relationship starts off sets the tone for how the whole friggin’ relationship will be! Andy (yet another Gemini) calls these scoldings “Patti Melts.” Smiles…gotta love it.

But I digress.

Back to our girl.

I’ll include videos where Ms. Hill’s childhood is discussed. She was raised by BOTH parents, in love, in joy, in respect. Mom is/was a school teacher, father, computer professional. She even spoke/speak to the love of the extending family members—how they assumed that ALL families were the same way—loving.

You know…come to think about it, this childlike wondrous innocent assumption is kinda universal. A quick insert: My mom’s brother-in-law is a neurosurgeon his dad was a doctor too. When I read some of his memoir in it he said the same, paraphrasing “…growing up, I thought all black men were doctors.”

Family is your first human encounter thus you naturally assume that ALL humans are like them.

Till fam and society inform differently. A rude awakening fo yo a*s! Itn’t it?


Lauryn Hill

Photo: Lauryn Hill, Honey Magazine.

Back to L.

With the sound loving family foundation she sprang from it’s safe to logically assume that if one must label her as any of those aforementioned [the negative ones] labels, gotta know it is not due to her roots—gotta charge “societal influences” there. Hence the title of her latest recording offer: “Neurotic Society.”

  • Gemini’s key phrase is “I Think” Do that. Not just when it comes to L. Do it, period. Think! Think for yourself. Don’t allow anyone to think for you.

Ms. Hill, thank you for the years of integrity, beauty and dope grooves. I love you. We love you. You are Love! May the Ancestors continue to keep, bliss and Protect You. Selah!!! <3

-Mama G

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