My Essence column is called ‘Intimacy Intervention.’ If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I answer reader advice questions. our moms had “Dear Abby” and we’ve got “Dear Abiola”…

Greetings Goddesses,

This week I answer a question from a woman who thinks that she has female intimacy dysfunction because she is no longer turned on by her man. As you can see by the comments section, this woman is not alone.

The key factors for me were the fact that her husband has previously cheated and she is their sole provider. She also had a healthy solo sexy life by herself in the shower. This indicated that it’s not a physical or arousal issue. It’s an issue with her dude. She”s not yet healed form their betrayal.

There’s a great resource video below that I did a couple of years ago for the women’s educational site Gasm. org advising women on intimacy concerns. Be sure to watch after the jump! Find Female Sexual Dysfunction advice here.

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