Our resident astrologer and cultural critic takes on Beyonce’s HBO documentary, “Life is But a Dream” complete with her own unique Mama Grear-isms, the language and the once in a universe vocab required to tell it like Yaddie means it… And y’all are still tweeting it up about her “Dear Kenya Moore” piece!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a person that’s deeply engrossed in metaphysical studies, the title is what first caught my attention “Life is but a Dream.” I’ve perused esoteric books authored by some of the greatest scholarly minds of unconventional wisdom one could ever encounter—and in most of them (books) it’s mentioned how this plane was simply (yet magically and mathematically) “thought into existence.”

I can recall Dr. Umar Johnson saying, (paraphrasing) “…give me ten minutes with a person and I’ll know their parent’s thoughts were.” All things initiate as a thought; which some may compare to a dream—be it a waking daydream or sleeping fourth rem one. Ooo, speaking of “four”, when she titled one of her latest albums that (4), being into numerology, again, she caught my attention.  And oh, how Mama G resist being “caught” up by mainstream anything or anyone.

You see, I’m a lady of a certain age (as Wendy Williams puts it), thus, my go-to for singers tend to be the Stephanie Mills, Candi Staton, Teena Marie, Linda Jones, the Angela Winbushes…if you know what I mean.
However, with the way they’ll saturate the marketplace with certain personalities one can’t help but to know who they are—even if you don’t watch TV or listen to the radio—somehow, you still know the name “Beyonce`.”  Which will only force a mind like mine to really resist plugging in. If you overstand what this entails, I have Uranus in an angular house; yep, can’t help but to resist! Lol…
I like to invest my energies in areas of study that they DON’T push in our collective faces all of the time. Mentally speaking, those hidden arenas are where Mama Turnbull prefers to play!


Where we were first introduced to Beyonce` was in the girl R & B group Destiny Child. I worked in law enforcement back then and can remember a co-worker/fellow officer giving me a lift home one day and DC’s song “Bills…” came on the radio. My then co-worker snatched to a different radio stations with such a force it startled me! I said, “My…not a fan, huh?”

  • She chuckled and replied, “Nope, I’m not. ‘Don’t wanna hear some little girls talkin’ bout somebody paying their bills.”

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I thought about it… and said, “That makes sense.” Then added, “…but the remix for ‘No No No’ is dope!” We fell out laughing while she pushed a button to allow the CD (in lieu of radio play) player to spin…Angie Stone poured from the speakers as we cruised.

In that moment I realized that new stars are really marketed to the new generations.

Though Beyonce’s beauty and figure was and is undeniably TEN, still, I just never plugged in…to she or her work. Again, not a star of my coming-of-age era.

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OK, what I finally did plug in to? No, not that scandal per se. The scandal of why they (Destiny Child’s original line up) disbanded. These things {in groups} happen all of the time. Yes, it can get our attention, but we don’t necessarily “plug in,” at least I know I don’t. In an article, a magazine interview with one of the former members, Farrah, she said Bey said to her, “You don’t give compliments.”


That, aside from who opts to leave a group [leave anything] when it’s on top, successful?…made me really really plug in. How? The only way we do it—astrologically. Called the astro-homies over, prepared a few tasty vittles, popped some wine and we commenced to casting astro-charts all that evening!

We studied Virgo and Scorpio intensely. ‘Cause for the life of us we couldn’t logically understand how someone THAT beautiful with THAT MUCH GLOBAL ATTENTION would require “compliments” from a bandmate. Huh? She could simply look in the mirror and the mirror would compliment her. She’s gorgeous! Again, you really need[ed] to hear that from Farrah?


Let me really get my psych 101 oN… I was taken aback that she even NOTICED that compliments weren’t forthcoming from her bandmate. Y’all… B just became “interesting” to yours truly. Never mind the music and her great looks—something else held an ‘edge’ here.
I know the “nah uh uhs” of the planet may spout on B’s behalf …echoing…“she ain’t say that…she ain’t say that. Farah just bitter.”

To that I sigh: like the RZA said in the documentary “Rhyme and Reason”, “…I deal with mathematics.”
And the logic (math) of anyone exiting a successful group, successful job, a successful relationship, a successful ANYTHING, on any scale, has to be for a GOOD [or Grave] reason.

India.Arie’s song “The Truth” suddenly just came to mind, to heart… “…you know the truth by the way it feels…” And when I read that article way back then, EVERYTHING P A U S E D inside of me. I believed Farrah whole-heartedly.

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The few fan-cells that I quietly jiggled in her (B) favor, their (the group’s) favor, due to that ‘Clef remix of “No No No No,” suddenly faded.
Didn’t think no more about it. Continued on my astro-journey on this plane, working, loving, playing, studying, etc. Oh, and listening to my old skool grooves. Like mentioned above, the younger artists already net millions of fans, they ain’t in need of my fanship no how. Lol…

Now hear me, per my studies over the years, I’ve accrued too much data about fiat and melanin to ever feel envy towards anyone’s beauty and or riches.  Also, I know if any of us had parents that were THAT attentive, you too could rise to great heights. Mary J. Blige even spoke to how wonderful that must have been to have parents like Beyonce’s. And of course MJB’s complimentary words were taken out of context—probably deliberately; the ish-startin’ beings, some can be. Sigh… But I digress…

My point is, if the green-eyed monster has to ever wave over your senses, let it be due to something like that: great parentage (in the nurturing capacity). Then dissipate and diffuse it. Don’t let it sit in your cells/senses too long. Not healthy. Those that know the soul chooses the womb, we pick our tribes… OK, another discussion for another time.

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Shall I proceed?

Yes, just borrowed that classic melodic line from Lil’ Kim.

Ooo, ‘reminds me, another reason Beyonce may have finally just fanned me after all these years (though, I’m still resisting…Lol…), when she quoted Kenya Moore’s “Gone with the Wind Fabulous” at the end of the Super Bowl, then in said documentary she quotes Erykah Badu’s “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit!” Y’all… I can’t express how that moved me…in a deep sweet spiritual way. With Kenya Moore, that echo denoted that it didn’t bother her when Kenya was stating how people thinks she’s Beyonce all of the time. And the Erykah Badu quote… while E.B. is her opposite sign, still…it just never struck me that she’d tune into Erykah’s music—especially that live album where E spits that artistic quip at the top of the Tyrone cut.

Y’all…I’m still resisting…ask me next year if I’m B’refanned, defanned, fan-fanned, etc.? Lol…
Or, maybe you’ll know by the end of this blog. Hell, I’ll know by then too! 

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OK. OK. Beyonce` has this song about Astrology…on her first solo album. Now y’all know, it was ALL I could muster NOT to be full-lorn-full-oN FANNED then!

B is a “7 of Diamonds”, today is a “7 of Diamonds” day too…moor inspiration to pen This in this moment in time. I’m a “7” as well. Sevens can be solitary. So when I heard her cut “Me Myself & I” again, it was all could stand not to jump on the Bey-fan-mobile! But I didn’t. Nodded to the song then it was my turn to snatch the dial to another station.

Then in an interview once (aired on TV), she mentioned how she knows she’s not liked. Then closed with, paraphrasing, “But that’s okay cause for every one that don’t like me there’s ten more that do.”

  • Making your peace with being disliked? No matter the ratio? Virgos are highly sensitive and it takes a lot of emotional maturation, emotional steel, for them to make peace with any negative energy aimed their way.

Most wanna be liked by those that they don’t even like.

‘Heard Beyonce admit that, then said to myself, “Yaddie, resist. Resist. Resist waving the B-fan-flag!”


When Lauryn Hill sung in one of her songs, whose lyrics are as follows: “…come on baby light my fire. Music is suppose to inspire, how come we ain’t gettin’ no higher…” It’s storied that L was singing that to ‘Clef, but whomever inspired such lyrics…know that those lyrics were/are right and exact. Painfully exact!

Neptune rules music. And Neptune rules drugs (among other items), if a natural high doesn’t occur for you while listening to music…do as you will, but I’d change the station or the tune, PRONTO! 

Other than the three songs I mentioned from Bey above, I can’t say that her music really inspired me; again, not really my era of preferred ear pleasures. Now, what does inspire? Her moves. Yup, inspire me to wanna get to the gym. Lol…
But most of the catalog, the tunes? Nah.

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By the time she came into our focus again, she was wit’ Jigga. Now, Jay-Z is our age and he’s from our town. Clearly, he’s attracted to her physically, but as time passed and their love was/is still standing, we knew it had to be much more, mental and spiritual forces at work here. They are both diamond cards, plus other composite cosmic-coordinating aspects are coalescing fabulously. ‘Can’t be denied.

Yes, we get our study oN! Like Maxwell sung, “…love is all there ever was and ALL there’ll ever be.”  Even B sung how even in death they’ll never part. Love that! Love LOVE!
Their show of sexy, yet tasteful fidelity, this, my friends…is all so inspiring.

She, B, really, for me anyway, exemplifies, how you can get into a personality without really getting into their music, movies, moves, clothing, et cetera. All that extra stuff is just the gravy anyway. The meat and potatoes of them is just that—them.

Her interviews kinda forced (despite fierce logical resistance) my interest.
In fact, in the Life is but a Dream documentary, they could have shown less stage performances and more of the one-on-one interviews. We get to see her on stage singing and dancing most of the time. It’s the rarities in these instances that serve as the true treat. i.e.: talking… Q & As.

Still beautiful with no make-up—a natural beauty, most Virgo women are.
With her articulating from such a natural face—surrounded by what looked like a natural space for her… heck, I was all in! Didn’t wanna be. But I was. For the first time, I really felt something I never imagined I’d feel for BKC—a sisterly connection.

The parts when she spoke just before jumping in the sea… connected there. The scene where she toasts to her husband for his birthday…connected there. Where she credits him for teaching her how to be a friend, a woman…REALLY CONNECTED THERE. The way I feel for my Poppa Bear. <3

I think it, the documentary, even positively moved talk show host Wendy Williams too. For what seems like a while now, Wendy has issued on-air catty digs at B, speaking to her intelligence, or, per Wendy’s perception, the lack thereof. i.e.: “…fifth-grade reading level.” Recall that one?

Now, we all know it’s Wendy’s job to dish the dirt, hot topics ‘n what’not. But… those B-digs just seem a tad too personal…like some ill feelings from a possible past slight could still be coursing through Wendy’s cells? Yes, Virgos are sensitive, but Cancers REALLY are sensitive! It’s water. Throw at stone at water, it ripples…it’s affected.


You know what me and the astro-homies did right? Yup, constructed a composite chart for those two.
That’s how we study, build, figure ish out! It’s difficult for us to simply dismiss persistent slights as common catty feed. No, there has to be a sincere backbiting, oops, I meant backstory, here.

Then in another [seemingly] catty instance, Wendy had two of her staffers sit in chairs in an experiment to see how a truly pregnant woman takes a seat. I knew! This has to be personal between those two. Yes, Wendy, I know other reporters reported on the same withchild wonder, but…

Even in my clique, some felt that Beyonce` wouldn’t wanna ruin her figure by carrying a baby; while they believe it was indeed B’s egg and Jigga semen, they STILL believe someone else carried the real weight of the pregnancy. Do some of them still believe this post-documentary? Yes. Do I?
Let’s move on…


As law students and astrologers, you become critical readers/listeners. They stress where Beyonce` states [in said documentary], “…it’s a stupid rumor…” But never states flat-out “I carried my own child.” Then they point out how when the baby-bump is shown, it’s shown without the mom’s face in the same frame, body double, camera tricks, et cetera.

We watched “The Wendy Show” this morning just to catch Hot Topics and see if Wendy would mention this too? She didn’t. Which kinda irked the astro-homies. Not I. In that Wendy non-mention of a possible body-double, voice-over, I knew…like yours truly, Wendy was finally won over.

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[Wen even gave mention to her own virtually homebound/bedridden pregnancy; to attest to the case that a “surrogacy claim” could also be made of she.]

Speaking of surrogates… you know what’s even more alluring? Them! Don’tcha ever wonder about the nature of the lady that carried Blanket? To be able to hold a secret like that forever makes them rock stars in their own rite…ones on a whole nutha level! They must have some serious action going on in their twelfth and or eighth houses. Word!

Mystery is hella sexy and hella powerful! Even in the book “48 Laws of Power” the author [writes] speaks to maintaining absence to maintain respect. I paraphrased but it’s there.


I know for most, when Oprah read that quote about Mrs. Carter being labeled the “Mistress of the Universe” then Oprah added “Beloved Mistress of the Universe”, were moved. For me, the way my mind work, I started thinking, “Well who’s the wife the universe? The mother?…Ceres…Yes, Ceres!” <3

It in that other quote Oprah read how a writer wrote that it’s in the crux of “hot and cold” where Bey’s energetic allure lies.

I agree.

Though I know all that the author is just penned is the Virgo/Scorpio vibration; there was still the high for me! You can be a non-astrologer, not even believe in it, yet still, unwittingly, articulate its astro-affect/effect.

What surpasses the rumors, all the glitz, shows, Beyonce, is the fact you clearly love your baby and husband. You love them and you’re in love with them. The love is so Alive! It’s palpable.
This is Very Inspiring!


I’m inspired to Love Bigger and Better.

Thank you for sharing “Beyonce: Life is but a Dream” with the world.


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