One thing that the recent financial crashes taught us is that having a great career and corner office doesn’t protect us from the ups and downs of the marketplace. As a result, many people are trying to moving from the cubicle to being small business owners. Don’t forget to check out the two infographics after the jump; the first one is brought to you by American Express Open — plus my flashback Bombshell Academy advice video below talking about leadership …

Greetings Goddesses,

I was thrilled with Danette Alexandra Malcom invited me to be a featured expert, speaker and teacher in her webinar “Kick the Cubicle Habit.” Malcolm was inspired to advise women about how to create and recreate their own paths in business and in life. The teleconference has already kicked off and there’s really something empowering there for everyone seeking success – and who isn’t?

The free telesummit will feature 21 experts to speak to the topic. As a Passionate Living Expert and coach my topic was “The Beauty of the Feminine in Business and in Life.” As most of the clients who reach out to me either for relationship advice via my various lifestyle columns or for empowerment coaching to take them to the next level also need structure in this arena, I was excited to share on the topic. Recently I spoke at Christine Campbell’s “Art of Feminine Confidence” summit, which you can find here.

By the way, on June 7th the conference will feature Gerard Spinks, the CEO of Spinks Industries, a parent company of Spinks Technologies, The Spinks Tax Lien Fund and Underground Millionaire online money making magazine featuring the Coffee Shop Hustlin’ series. If Mr. Spinks sounds busy, he is — and definitely is the man to know when it comes to business. I wouldn’t advise making a move without him.

My topic airs on June 3rd with 48 hours of replays of the teleseminar. My free gift is an e-copy of my upcoming book, “The Official Bombshell Handbook.” After listening to the conference email me the secret password <HERE> to get on the waiting list and you will be sent the book upon release!

Find the questions she asked me below and be sure to tune in to the conference.  

  • 1. Abiola, your teachings, writings and speeches focus on self-esteem. Can you speak to self esteem and self confidence for women in business?
  • 2. You also work with women one on one to coach them about empowered relationships. Many business women feel pressured to do it all succeeding at home and at work – then they still feel unhappy. What should women do when feeling burned out?
  • 3. Your official title is Passionate Living Expert, so Abiola, can high-powered and successful women use feminine energy in business and still get respect? If so, how?

Feminine Energy and Power in Business

Self-Love Coach for Women

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via: The Top Cities for Female Entrepreneurs [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to be a Non-Conformist Leader

Featured phot0 – me by me! Abiola Abrams via selfie.

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