Anything you give your long term love is infused with the excitement and meaning of the brand new love you feel everyday. That’s how you keep a relationship alive, after all. Fall in love again and again, as much as possible.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovebirds! Remember, it’s the thought not the cost that counts. -aa

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen a relationship is new, it is filled with excitement, confusing, nerves and spontaneous romantic gestures. You are giddy on your lust for each other and you can’t say the other person’s name without grinning like a fool. It’s easy to think of personalized Valentine’s Day gifts because you obsess all the time about winning their heart and impressing them. Anything you give is infused with the excitement and meaning of your brand new love and is sure to delight them.

But what about when you are in a relationship which has weathered many years? As time goes on, a relationship changes from flirty infatuation to a deep and meaningful love and respect. The more moments and life challenges that you share together, the more you learn about each other and the deeper your bond becomes. You begin to know each other inside and out, accepting each other’s flaws and gaining a deep appreciation for each other’s strengths. You know that you will always be there for each other, no matter what.

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After several years of a relationship, you might have already gone through all of the personalized Valentine’s Day gifts that you can think of.

  • The classic surprise candlelit meal? Been there done that.
  • Jewelry and roses? Yup, done that too.

You really want to give your sweetheart something meaningful and romantic to show those that you still care about them after all this time, but you have given them so many presents over the years that you are fresh out of ideas. So what can you do to keep the spark alive?

Here are some tips that will help you when buying Valentine’s Day Gifts in a long term relationship:

1. Give them something that is uniquely them.

One of the great things about giving gifts in a long term relationship is that you know the person inside and out. You have a total understanding of everything they like and don’t like, so you are able to give the most personalized Valentine’s Day gifts ever.


Rather than having to guess what your partner might like, you can think about their favorite pastime, the color they love the most and the things that they enjoy having. Start by writing a list of all the things that you know your partner enjoys and after a while something will jump out and give them an idea.

2. Give the Gift That Fills the Gap.

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne of the best gifts that you can give someone is the gift that complements their interests and fills a need for them that they didn’t even realize that they had. For example, your significant other loves to read and is always traveling for work. Giving them a brand new Kindle, for example, gives them a way to take dozens of books with them to read on the train or plane without weighing down their suitcase.

Think about your partner’s day to day life and see if you can come up with something clever which makes their life easier in a way that they might not have thought of.

3. Give the Gift of Time Together.

One of the best ideas for personalized Valentine’s Day gifts is the simple gift of quality time together. (Especially if this may be their love language!) When you are in a long term relationship you sometimes forget to spend those special evenings together when you relax and forget about work and home responsibilities.

Source: via Abiola Abrams, on Pinterest


You are so busy with day to day life and its many tasks that you fail to take time out for yourselves. It is healthy for your relationship to have time when you simply have fun together, flirt and enjoy each other’s company.

Plan a special weekend away for you and your partner or arrange a fun event or activity that you will both enjoy. Cancel all other plans, hire a babysitter for the kids and just go off and have fun. It will be a Valentine’s Day that you remember fondly for a long time.

Figuring out a really romantic gift for someone that you have been with for a long time can be a challenge, because you will have likely already done many of the obvious gifts already. However, since you know your partner so well by now with a little bit of thought you will be able to come up with a Valentine’s surprise that will melt their heart.



Sam Mulder is a freelance writer who also runs a blog of relationship tips and advice. He celebrated his 30th anniversary with his wife this year with personalized Valentine’s Day gifts and an impromptu weekend hiking trip.

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