Ready to start working out? If you want to make a positive improvement to your life this year, here’s why exercise can be beneficial, as well as a couple of tips on how to get started. BIG thanks to “The Daily Meditations” and my fellow life coach Sonya Triggs-Wharton for the featured video “While You Exercise – Positive Affirmations for your Workout.” -aa

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You’ve undoubtedly read and heard plenty of times that one of the best things you can do for yourself is start exercising on a regular basis. While everyone from talk show hosts to fitness industry professionals repeat this advice on a regular basis, many forget to dive into actually discussing how and why this should be done.

If exercise has been on your mind, let’s take a look at both the how and the why.

Why Start Working Out?


While there are literally tons of reasons to exercise, let’s look at two of the most significant:

Reduce Your Health Risks, Dollface.

Mountains of research have shown that simply being active on a regular basis can reduce many health risks. Add to that the fact that if you regularly exercise, you will lose weight, and you knock down the risk of even more health problems that plague so many people.

Exercise Self Love & Self Care.

It doesn’t feel good to look in the mirror and not like what you see. While it’s easy to assume that feeling is only related to your physical appearance, it’s often a combination of not looking how you want and also having a sense of guilt that you allowed yourself to get to “that point,” whatever that means for you.

Once you start working out, not only will you see physical progress, but you’ll gain a sense of control over your body and feel much more confident in your ability to accomplish exactly what you want.

How to Start Working Out

Quickest Ways to Start Working Out

If you have any significant health issues, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor and confirm that it’s safe for you to exercise on a regular basis. The most important thing to remember is that any exercise is better than no exercise.


If you haven’t been getting any physical activity, the best way to get started is by walking. The reason walking is the ideal starting point is it doesn’t require any special equipment. It also doesn’t require a specific schedule. You can walk for ten minutes in the morning, twenty-five minutes at lunch or fifteen minutes at night. And while it’s great if you can walk daily, there’s nothing wrong with starting with just every other day.

You can literally start with walking for five minutes a day, add a minute a day and build up to an entire hour in less than two months. While simply sticking with that routine is great, as people go through this process, many want to diversify their workouts.

In addition to cardio, a lot of people are interested in adding resistance exercises to their routine. You can start with body weight exercises like push-ups and squats.

Joining a Gym.

How and Why to Start Exercising in 2013As you feel more comfortable with this type of exercise, you may decide you want to join a gym. When you start working out at a gym, don’t be afraid to skip the machines and learn the proper way to use dumbbells. By starting with light weights and focusing on your form, you’ll be amazed with the positive changes you can make.

Now What?  Ain’t nothing to it but to do it; kind of like the good folks at Nike used to say. Good luck! Have fun. Choosing a fun workout makes it easier to stick to.

Kettlebells Wellness Diary

One of the hardest things about going to the gym is the bewildering variety and array of gym equipment available. Sometimes it seems like there’s just so many machines that you’ll never be able to decide which one to begin with. 


A Newbie’s Guide to the Easiest Gym Equipment

It doesn’t have to be January for you begin thinking about getting your heart healthy or losing weight. Whether you’re looking to shed those few extra pounds before hitting the beach in the summer, or finally ready to tackle your health issue head on, there are many great pieces of equipment at your local gym that will help you reach your goals. Of course, check with your doctor before beginning any fitness regimen.


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Think about some of the common exercises you do each day, like walking and going up stairs. Think about some of the great activities you did as a child, such as biking and running. There are many pieces of gym equipment that replicate these movements and activities, and they’re a great place to start any new fitness goals you might have.

Stationary Bicycles.

Biking is a great way to lose weight and stay in shape. Besides burning calories quickly, you’ll also be increasing your metabolism and possibly resting heart rate as well.

In addition, these low-impact machines are great for older people, or those just wanting to minimize the impact on muscles and joints that the heavy foot-pounding which a treadmill can produce.

And if you suffer from back pain, try the recumbent bikes. These allow you to remain seated in a more reclined-position in a seat, perfect for anyone who needs back support.

Step Machines.

Fitness Equipment 101

Many people dread climbing the stairs, and can’t remember the last time they didn’t use the elevator in a building. But don’t discount the great benefits that climbing stairs can provide, and if you don’t want to spend your time in a dark stairwell, try the steppers at the gym.

Besides working your legs, hips, and back, there are also many upper-body muscle groups that get targeted in a stepper workout, such as the chest, back, and shoulders.  If you’re bracing yourself with the machine’s side handles, you’ll be targeting these areas, and perhaps you’ve already noticed if you use this machine regularly.

The Body Love, Body Acceptance, Body Bliss Healing Retreat!

Elliptical Machines.

Elliptical machines are great at combining the elements of many gym equipment machines all into one.  On an elliptical you’ll be getting a powerful cardio workout, while also working muscles in nearly every area of your body.

Many injured or older folks like elliptical machines because they’re a low-impact workout option, protecting joints while also providing the same weight loss benefits.

However, we’ve all seen those rather lazy elliptical machine users at the gym. You know, the ones that don’t really seem to be doing much more than walking.  If you want to seriously use an elliptical machine to lose weight, consider changing the speed or incline level to achieve a more challenging workout.

Enthusiastic fitness post by John Winthorp, a blogger who writes about Cherokee uniforms in addition to other medical supplies and uniforms. Blogger Alex Wright is a fitness journalist for Gymkit UK; Europe’s leading suppliers of Gym Equipment. Featured images: License: Creative Commons image source. Featured photos courtesy of the national movement, Black Girls Run — but of course we want you to get fit no matter what your ethnicity!

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