Hey chica! Here’s how to keep yourself safe. “Identity Thief” may be a hilarious date night movie, but having your identity stolen in real life is no laughing matter…

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f a thief manages to pick your pocket on the street and gets away with a wad of cash, that’s usually all that you lose. However, thieves who steal your identity can victimize you several times over before the nightmare is finally finished. Many people make it surprisingly easy for identity thieves to walk off with their personal information.

The latest trend of putting the details of every minute of your day on social media sites can lead to being taken advantage of by lurking criminals. For instance, bragging about that upcoming vacation could result in the contents of your home being rifled through in your absence.

Not only will the thieves help themselves to your valuables, but they will easily be able to find household documents that will provide them with the information that they need to make off with your identity while you are basking obliviously on the beach.

The Stupidest Things You're Doing to Put Your Identity at Risk

Source: The Stupidest Things You’re Doing to Put Your Identity at Risk.

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