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Advice for When Your Child Hates YouHello – Confidential Just for Bombshell Single Moms,

I wanted to discuss mother-child relationships and parenting.

Before I proceed with my single mom advice, allow me to apologize as I was having PC issues so the very last part of my video was cut short! But what I ended with (and you will better understand it once you watch the video) was:  Make sure you don’t make your child feel like a spectacle if he or she did not graduate from a traditional high school.

Now on to my topic. Thank you to the lovely Abiola for allowing me to share on this very serious issue.

What do you do as a single mom when you and your adolescent child or children just can’t seem to get along? This subject is very touchy to me because while my daughter and I have a great relationship now, there were times when I wasn’t sure we’d be able to stand being in the same room with each other and that’s not a good thing. I also recently heard about an incident where a mother and daughter spent a great amount of their time being angry at each other to the point that they were no longer speaking. The mom just couldn’t find a way to get through to her daughter and sometimes; you have to ask yourself, what do you do?

How hard do you fight for a relationship?

My answer would be, fight very hard. This story didn’t have a good ending as the mother had an unexpected heart attack and she died with a lonely broken heart because she missed her daughter so much. The daughter was ripped a part because she knew she’d given her mother such a hard time and to know she’d never be able to say she was sorry nor speak to her o see he mother ever again was almost unbearable.

In this video, I share a few pointers and give a few different scenarios on how you can make peace with you child and prevent a long-term bitter relationship under different circumstances. I understand it can be tough raising a child who no longer wants to listen to your advice and sometimes treats you like you’ve done nothing for them. This behavior can really make it tough for you as a mother to get where your child is coming from. I mean face it, who likes an unappreciative child who rebels against you and cause great grief right?

What ever you may be going through with your children or child, I suggest you try to make sure it doesn’t ever lead to you being on non-speaking terms. A parent child bond is one of the most loving bonds one could ever have. Hold on to it!

I hope today’s advice has offered you insight that you can use in your daily lives and suggest for others to use as well. Until next time, have a fantastic morning, afternoon or evening!!


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