Okay, Passionistas, consider this post a public service announcement for men. For both partners, however, remember to show your love every day. And keep in mind that it’s the thought, not cash spent, that counts. No one is “obligated” to give you anything. I know, I know… Thanks to Kelli Universe for the last minute gift ideas video after the jump. And ladies, make note, romance should not just fall on your partner’s shoulder, got it?

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear Men,

Ever wondered what the perfect gift is for the goddess in your life on Valentine’s Day? Never know what to buy your loved one? Lacking ideas or any type of imagination? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t leave your partner in the lurch, homeboy. Act like a grown up. Get her a gift that she deserves.

Introducing “Don’t Get Dumped This Valentine’s Day – The Real Way To A Woman’s Heart.” That’s right, lover. This helpful infographic aims to perfectly detail the common mistakes that men make when choosing Valentine’s Day gifts and suggests what could really be the key to impressing the other half.

Are flowers and chocolate the ONLY way to go? Ladies, you can thank us later.

Oh, and remember that 14 per cent of women even send themselves Valentine’s Day cards.

Happy Valentine's Day "Hint" Reminder Postcard from Tiffany and Co

Gift idea!

How about booking a romantic weekend away or a three-course meal at a swanky restaurant? This February 14 it’s time you swept your partner off their feet for once. Go ahead, make the effort and see the rewards.

The Way to A Woman's Heart
Whoo hoo! Designed by the team at Webrevolve, this helpful Valentine’s Day infographic has been produced for the gifts for occasion retailer Evie Darling. Pass it on by visiting the Evie Darling website (or sharing this blog post) and click on the Valentine’s Day Gift Infographic. Have a happy happy. xo

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