When Dr. Lissa Rankin started digging into the over 3,500 documented cases of “spontaneous remission,” she was startled at both what she was finding, and NOT finding in the research.

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I found this super inspiring in my journey with healing fibroids — 

When Dr. Lissa Rankin (love her!) began to dig deep into the over 3,500 documented cases of “spontaneous remission,” she was startled at both what she was finding, and NOT finding in the research.

Studies on “spontaneous remission” had HUGE holes where medical doctors hadn’t dug deep enough into what was actually causing the healing.

But Dr. Rankin’s intuitive nature caused her to dig deeper, to find out what common characteristics, outside of the use of drugs, were causing people to heal. 

And the fascinating conclusions she reached have SERIOUS implications on the POWER that our minds have to HEAL our bodies, for both everyday healthy people and people struggling with illness.

If you want to understand using the power of your mind to heal, or how to create lasting health so that you never get sick if you’re healthy, then you need to watch this powerful interview with Dr. Rankin.

The video is a pre-event presentation for the upcoming 12th Annual Tapping World Summit, a FREE, transformational event that focuses on a life-altering technique known as EFT Tapping.

Maybe you’ve seen some of my EFT videos?

In this interview, Nick Ortner, producer of the event, decided to speak with Dr. Lissa Rankin because he wanted to hear about her solutions to mind-body health issues, and also to get a more definitive answer to a common question about EFT Tapping:

“Is EFT just some ‘placebo’ effect, or is it actually as powerful as it seems to be?”

I highly recommend checking out this fascinating convo. 

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Honestly, it’s scary that most doctors blow off the power of the mind over the body…

Tapping Summit

Like I said, I found this super inspiring in my journey with healing fibroids — 
And thought you might be empowered by this video, too, if you or anyone else in your family is trying to heal or manifest when it comes to your health…

Here are just a few snippets of what you can expect:

– You’ll discover the 9 common characteristics that people with “spontaneous remission” have and why they’re critical to know for both people who are healthy or sick.

– You’ll learn about the only 2 modes that our nervous system can be in, and how in one of them, our bodies self-repair mechanism literally shuts down! 

And the scary part is… most people tend to get stuck in this shutdown mode (Dr. Lissa will explain why and how you can get out of it).

– You’ll hear about why some of her supposedly “healthiest” clients (exercising, eating well, meditating, etc) were getting sick and the big “aha” moment she had about what was causing it all.

– Near the end, Dr. Rankin will blow your mind by redefining what “placebo” actually is and how most scientific studies are not digging deep enough into what is actually going on with the mind and body.

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I know you’ll love it. 🙂

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