Personal finance expert Kara Stevens explains the importance of having boundaries when it comes to our money and our relationships. Boundaries in all areas of our lives are essential to healthy self-esteem.

As women, many of us were not taught to talk about money openly and honestly. We’re so grateful to have Mrs. Fab N’ Frugal herself bringing us these key conversations. Let’s evolve together! -aa

What are Your Financial Boundaries? by Kara Stevens

I dated a guy that asked me to co-sign on a loan for a motorcycle for him. Back in my twenties, I had no idea what “cosigning” was, but I  darn well knew that his request did not sit well with my spirit and so I told him, “no.” It did not sit well with me, becaue I intuitively felt that he had crossed my financial boundary.

I define “financial boundary” as a set of personal fiscal beliefs that inform your opinions and policies around  lending, spending, and borrowing.

You’ll also find prompts for how to respond to those who cross your financial boundaries. This advice applies to romantic partners and family members. There’s also helpful homework.



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